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One dream trip, please! On Motorcycle Tour with Reuthers

Endless expanses lead to interesting cultural monuments and cosmopolitan cities, quaint streets lead to hidden restaurants with event character. These experiences can be found on the Reuthers Motorcycle Tours program. With much love and personal commitment, the routes were chosen, outrageous and constantly supplemented with additional highlights.

Benefit from the popular > Reuthers Rewards program!

In addition to tours of the USA, where there are also routes along the infamous and legendary Route 66 and through the Sunshine State of Florida, Canada is also a goal on the Reuthers Motorcycle Tour. New Zealand, Australia and South Africa are destinations, too. The tour offers are rounded off with various routes within Europe, the spectacular region Patagonia in South America as well as the Special Event Tours.

When which road trip is coming up, can be found in the > Tours Calendar

You can find an overview of all dream tours in 2019 / 2020 also by downloading the current > eCatalog


How much tour guide and services do you need? With Reuthers you have the option to choose between three tour options:


Individual Adventure
  • The Self Drive Tour follows the Guided Tour descriptions on your individual date. They include motorcycle rental and hotel bookings and where possible additional bookings also. A Tour Book containing your daily schedule and recommended activities is giving you additional support for your individual adventure.
Fun and Comfort
  • The Semi Guided Tour follows the Guided Tour descriptions and dates. They include motorcycle rental and hotel bookings and where possible additional bookings also. A Tour Book containing your daily schedule and recommended activities is giving you additional support for your individual adventure. For your convenience your luggage is taken to the daily hotel. This tour version offers a maximum of individual riding fun and comfort.
Non Plus Ultra
  • The Guided Tour is a guided adventure tour with a Reuthers Tour Guide. In addition, nearly everything is included in the tour. This includes the rental motorcycle and overnight stops, plus the cost of fuel (usually we fill all the motorcycles together and thus save precious time). The tour includes entry costs and park fees plus many other amenities. We do not have any hidden costs.

Reuthers Motorcycle Tours - The Original. Since 1997.

One thing all Reuthers Motorcycle Tours have in common are: the addictive character. "Once Reuthers, always Reuthers” is more than an unfounded advertising slogan, but living reality > Testimonials.

1997 was the magical year in which company founder Hermann Reuther started his first Route 66 Tour.

Of course each Reuthers client has the choice to choose his dream machine from a variety of > Harley-Davidson and BMW Motorcycle Models as well as > other motorcycle makes - after all the Motorcycle Tour should turn into a Dream Tour for each participant.

Of course, we also offer > Motorcycle Rentals only and have our own fleet in the USA.


New: Reuthers POMZEC (Peace Of Mind Zero Excess) ProgramReuthers POMZEC (Peace Of Mind Zero Excess Coverage) Program
Beside the included third party and comprehensive insurance for the rental vehicle, the additional Reuthers POMZEC (Peace Of Mind Zero Excess Coverage) program takes care of the comprehensive insurance excess should you get in an accident while driving your rental vehicle. Zero Excess also applies if your rental vehicle gets stolen by punishable acts of third parties.

Hermann Reuther

Dear valued clients!

Please check carefully before booking your motorcycle tour. Do you get a legal Secured Payment Certificate for your payments? How many years of experience of the tour operator and where is the company registered? Did the participants arrive safely at their destinations? Recently, more and more "wanna be tour operators" with dumping prices appear and on one side produce confusion on the market and on the other side due to lack of experience great disappointment for clients - unfortunately this is what we hear more often now in conversations. With Reuthers you have a well known and reputable company that has been organizing events since 1987 and since 1997 fulfills dreams with demanding motorcycle tours. This is what I guarantee with my good name > Therefore Reuthers!

Yours, Hermann Reuther

Competitors claim to be "the Biggest" > Our clients say: "You are the Best!"

Reuthers is far more than a classical provider of Motorcycle Tours. Reuthers makes your dreams come true with their tour offers.

Reuthers offers a comprehensive service package and a transparent pricing structure - which our clients appreciate. Find more information about the "Dream Factory” Reuthers and the legendary Motorcycle Tours at the popular FAQs.


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