Please see as follows a video and below some comments of hundreds of happy tour participants since starting Reuthers Motorcycle Tours in 1997. All our clients have in common: Having been fulfilled their dreams, having met like-minded travel companions from all over the world and having become friends with them for ever...

Reference Marius Kloppers

"Hermann - thanks again so much for a memorable experience. I go back to Australia fundamentally enriched and with a set of experiences that cannot be matched. Thank you for making dreams come true."

Marius Kloppers

Reference Martindale

"We had a wonderful time with everyone on the tour and Adelheid and Marcus were awesome! Thank you for all your work, our vacation was a dream for sure."

Lynn + Ken Martindale

Reference Peter Wells

"I would like to say a big thank you for all your efforts in putting together my tour around Ireland. It was the most memorable and enjoyable adventure I have ever been on, only wish I could have stayed longer."

Peter Wells

Reference Linhares

"Your excellent work is the reason of your success. Very well done Hermann!"

Josè Clemente Linhares

Reference David Steckel

"What an excellent tour, meeting such great people and enjoying the most beautiful scenery in the world. Thanks for fulfilling my dream!"

David Steckel

Reference Henry + Dundie Schulte

"Thank you Hermann, we had a great trip with wonderful memories."

Henry + Dundie Schulte

Reference Barbara Thacker

"Thank you so much for making our “Dream True” a dream to cherish and remember. We had a great time, saw some wonderful things and met some lovely people."

Barbara (Bobbie) Thacker
United Kingdom

Reference Johnson + Johnson Morning Thunder Group

"Let's rumble with Reuthers!"

Johnson + Johnson Morning Thunder Group

Reference Peter Hebblethwaite

"If you ever plan to travel west just ride with Hermann and his group its the best! Get your kicks on Route 66!!!!!"

Peter Hebblethwaite
Germany / United Kingdom

Reference Noel + Lorna Stinchcombe

"Just a quick eMail to say we arrived home safely after a lovely Alps + Lakes Tour."

Noel + Lorna Stinchcombe

Reference Henry Wahl

"What a great preparation and a lifetime experience, I do not want to miss."

Norbert "Henry" Wahl

Reference Dolores Miller

"Hi Hermann, hope your last trip of Route 66 was as much fun as ours was. As well as the rest of your tours. I'm still telling and laughing at all the fun we had."

Dolores Miller

(she joined us three times on Route 66...)

Reference David Frank

"That was an awesome great trip."

David Frank

Reference Christopher + Lynne Sharpe

"Hermann, all the time we were with you, we felt safe and you still gave us a great adventure."

Lynne + Christopher Sharpe
United Kingdom

Reference Hermann Faubel

"Let's say cheers for another day in Paradise New Zealand. A dream vacation at the other side of the world."

Hermann Faubel

Reference Jean-Baptiste + Marie-Louise Chapus

"I would like return in this pretty country that is New Zealand."

Jean-Baptiste + Marie-Louise Chapus

Reference Ralph Riemay

"Great Experience."

Ralph Riemay

Reference Princess (Carolyn) Habiba

"The most amazing experience of my life..."

Princess (Carolyn) Habiba

Reference Sigurbergur + Hafrun

"Hello dear Hermann, we will thank you very much for the tour that we went together in May and how perfect everything was from your side."
Sigurbergur + Hafrun

Reference Kenneth Lewis

"There is no better way of seeing the world than on a Harley-Davidson."

Kenneth Lewis, OBE
United Kingdom

Reference Valerie Roper + David B. Williams

"It was not usual holiday, it was experience of a lifetime."

Valerie Roper + David B. Williams
United Kingdom

Reference Barbara Wahl

"It's been simply great."

Barbara Wahl

Reference Graham Main

"Hello Hermann, Greetings from New Zealand, it is hard to believe that a month has past since the end of my fabulous experience of touring Route 66..."

Graham Main
New Zealand

Reference Monika + Franz Pitsch

"Dear Hermann, thank you very much for your great New Zealand Tour and your engagement. We will never forget this adventure."

Monika + Franz Pitsch

Reference Pinky (Theo) + James Clark

"We had a wonderful time, it was an adventure to remember! Thanks for the great tour."

Pinky (Theo) + James Clark

Reference Janine Bordwell

"Looking forward to the next trip with you, hopefully next year. We sure had a great time, and you were right about something special, it was, and a wonderful experience."

Janine Bordwell (Restroom Scout)

Reference Brian Corrigan

"Nok and I had a great time. Once again thanks for a great tour and hope to see you again."

Brian Corrigan

Reference Josef Ahmann

"Thanks, Hermann."

Josef Ahmann

Reference Eric Hanson

"When asked by my friends & family to describe the trip, I tell them that I just cannot. At times I would be overcome with sensation overload, like an infant in a busy restaurant. It was just unbelievable."

Eric Hanson

Reference Andrea + Karl-Heinz Seifert

"Again, thank you for the wonderful miles and adventures on Route 66."

Andrea + Karl-Heinz Seifert

Reference Stefanie Kuessner

"There was no need to visit all the other countries we did for years before. In New Zealand we found all sceneries combined in one country. Wonderful."

Stefanie Kuessner

Reference Kathleen + Eamon Timoney

"Thank you very much for your perfect organisation."

Kathleen + Eamon Timoney

Reference Karin + Harald Bruck

"We would like to say thank you for the sensational und perfect tour."

Karin + Harald Bruck

Route 66


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