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Since 1987 REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS is active as a service company in the field of Events, Music, Entertainment, Travel and Leisure - since March 23, 2020 we successfully operate the popular station Radio Schlager Musikanten - German Schlager around the clock!

As an ideal complement, we have launched on July 11, 2021 in close cooperation with our multimedia division Reuthers Media - responsible for the productions - the Schlager Musikanten TV and the new music show "Schlager Musikanten unterwegs".

On his musical journeys, singer and entertainer Teddy Herz regularly presents sights of popularly visited regions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and welcomes popular Schlager stars with their songs.

The broadcast of "Schlager Musikanten unterwegs" takes place online on Schlager Musikanten TV, on Radio Schlager Musikanten and as a Schlager Musikanten Podcast. Promotional posts, links and articles in the Schlager Musikanten Magazine, on our social media channels and websites, as well as that of all participants, ensure additional attention and the best possible distribution of the music show.

And in the Advent and Christmas season, as every year, there is the successful radio show "Weihnachten mit Teddy Herz und seinen Gästen" (Christmas with Teddy Herz and his guests) as an additional TV version.

So you can look forward to further new broadcast formats about which we will keep you regularly up to date...


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Schlager Musikanten unterwegs


The Schlager Musikanten Magazine, the 24/7 stations Radio Schlager Musikanten and Schlager Musikanten TV, as well as the own TV show and the tour program "Schlager Musikanten unterwegs" ensure media distribution close to the audience.


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With the music label Reuthers Records, the music publishing company Reuthers Music Publishing, Reuthers Music Production and Reuthers Artist Management we offer artists and authors a musical home and ideal marketing platform.