Personal Tips
from Adelheid and Hermann Reuther

Personal Tips from Adelheid and Hermann Reuther

Clean up + Clear out

* Free yourself from ballast
* Make room for new and useful things
* Free yourselves daily from the (house) rubbish and empty waste baskets and waste-paper baskets
* Clean up on a regular basis - at least once a year basement, attic, rooms)

Working and living areas

* The height of your desk should be changeable between 68-78 cm instead of 72 cm and the depth should be 100 cm instead of 80 cm (screen)
* Stokke-Chairs - help to sit upright
* Use oiled wood rather than contaminated veneered panels when choosing a desk and shelves in order to provide formaldehyde-free zones
* True Lite lamps instead of fluorescent lights provide flicker-free and therefore fatigue-free work conditions, even in the evening - more details under light
* No distributor's sockets and electric cables directly close to the body


* Wooden parquet flooring oiled and waxed instead of "sealed" or use existing wooden floors!
* Use stoneware tiles, linoleum and cork
* Do not PVC floorings or carpet in spite of "Blue Angel" etc. "Smells like new" means by the way "out gassing"
* Laminate must be disposed of after 5-10 years due to its toxic composition.
* Beware of radioactively contaminated Italian tiles (colorful thanks to uranium)

Glasses / Spectacles

* Metal parts of spectacle frames generate magnetic fields on the nose and therefore can cause headaches, dizziness, lack of concentration, etc. - there are non-magnetic metal alloys - pay attention to this when buying
* In general, spectacle lenses of glass instead of plastic

Computer / Screen

* Screen as far away as possible from the body
* In general, use TCO-certified or even better LCD flat screens or a notebook
* To eliminate electric fields, there are so-called screens, transparent shielding foils, nets and glasses. Grounding required
* Make sure when using the computer workstation or laptop that you have quiet devices - the high permanent sound of the fan and hard drive are harmful in the long run. If possible, use the notebook battery while working.

Electric Smog

* When renovating or a building a new house use only shielded power cable
* If this is not possible e.g. cables from your neighbors, „Biologa-Abschirmfarbe" helps, the electrical alternating fields in the respective area are almost completely eliminated. The color is simply painted on the wall, then grounded and then you can place quite normal wallpaper on the wall.
* Net free switches perform, first of all, in the sleeping area good services and supplement additionally guarded cables because here electricity is let through the cables only when electricity is needed.
* With electrical appliances pay attention to grounded cables
* Avoid flat cables (these are without a grounding conductor!)
* When electric appliances remain unused for a longer periods, unplug the power cord - especially in living and working areas, as you spend much time there.


* Pay attention to the origin of the food (from your region, organic)
* Fresh foods instead of frozen foods - depending on the season buy fresh market vegetables
* Low Carb diet for adults (reducing cereal products, pasta, sugary food)
* Alternative: Paleo Bread
* Use sugar substitutes like Xylitol (birch sugar). Caution: Do Not use any artificial sweeteners
* Try Gluten-free recipes like maize flour and almond flour
* Plain yogurt or cottage cheese (possibly with linseed oil mix) and fruits, supplemented with chia, flax, psyllium
* Original grain spelt has virtually all the nutrients
* Use butter instead of margarine
* Use oils with unsaturated fatty acids
* Still mineral water (e.g. Volvic, Evian)
* Eat less meat (Wednesday + Friday meatless)
* Pay attention to additives (including sugar + fat)
* Sequence of foods: Raw before cooked fruit, nuts / salad, raw vegetables / dairy, bread / food (meat, fat, eggs, cheese) / desserts
* Avoid: Whole grains + caffeine / cheese + grapes
* Regular meals
* Once a day a home cooked warm meal
* Avoid fatty meals in the evening
* Eat your last meal at least 4 hours the latest before you go to bed!
* Cook in enamel pots and with wooden spoons
* Use all hotplates
* Enjoy your food consciously and in peace and quiet (without interference, radio, TV, telephone, smartphone, tablet)
* During the day drink plenty of fluids - at least 2 liters, even if you do not feel thirsty. Water keeps the blood liquid and is important for our brain as well as for the supplementing the body and the draining of toxins.


* Tips: Drink lots of water + aspirin (= blood thinners) and move around a lot and wear support stockings
* The aeromedical service from Lufthansa already pointed out in July 1994 that the risk in unborn children by the strong radiation exposure to radioactivity changes the genomes. The risk increases states Lufthansa, with increasing flight altitude and with the approach to the poles. Therefore, pregnant women should generally avoid flying in the first three months of pregnancy.

Mobile Phones

* Away from the heart - get it out of the breast pocket!
* Away from the body, for example put it in shopping bag or in rooms on the window sill (added benefit: better reception)
* Avoid calls with a hands free cable headset - the cable directs the rays directly into the ear
* In the car always with an outdoor antenna on the roof(!) and in the car with a handsfree kit.
* Not many and short calls
* At night turn it off - keep away from sleeping area


* Biological instead of chemical shower gels etc.
* Instead of using wet toilet paper (is usually perfumed), prefer using a damp guest towel and put it in the laundry (hot wash)
* Instead of coffee in the morning to wake up, take a cold shower (better for the body and circulation) and/or "tapping" as well as an early morning stroll
* Close the toilet lid after use (your sewer is connected to thousands)
* "Seal" your bathroom + (guest) toilet and always close bathroom and toilet doors


* Consult your primary care physician whom you trust and who knows you
* Find out about long-term studies and liability for possible side effects
* Proven vaccines can save lives - experimental substances can do the opposite
* Weigh the risks and benefits of vaccination individually and carefully for yourself, and then decide

Apparel / Fabrics

* Only wear natural fibers (e.g. cotton, silk, wool)
* Pay especial attention that your bed linen has natural fibers.
* There are curtains made of natural fibers so that synthetic fibers are unnecessary (electrostatic charge)
* Caution: "Breathable" and "Easy care"


* Artificial light distorts the natural spectrum because certain spectral ranges are completely absent. Therefore there is no substitute for natural daylight.
* Ensure for good, bright lighting!
* Normal light bulbs give relatively good light with a balanced spectral distribution. They make no electric or magnetic fields, no high frequency radiation and do not flicker. This is biologically advantageous. The disadvantage is that are relatively high in electricity use and they do not last so long - the advantages, nevertheless, predominate!
* Halogen lamps have the same spectral as light bulbs, need a little less electricity and last longer. Strong emitters are wires strung under the ceilings with their low-voltage halogen lamps. High electric smog. Therefore use halogen lamps only without the transformer and directly with the 220 volts of main voltage.
* Energy saving lamps emit radioactivity
* Fluorescent tubes have a poor to moderate spectral distribution, but consume very little power and last longer. Some contain toxic substances such as mercury and therefore they are considered to be hazardous waste. They often emit strong electric and magnetic fields and high frequency waves. The flickering (on / off 50 times a second) is perceived by the optic nerve and autonomic nervous system and is stressful.
* Our tip: Full spectrum-fluorescent lamps (Bio-Light, True-Lite ...) comes closer to the natural light spectrum than normal tubes. Important: Shield electronic preswitch devices magnetically with MU-Metal, ground metal housing with upper metal honeycombs and shield electrically. Minimum distance of 1m. These fluorescent bulbs are very suitable for the workspace - fatigue-free working even at night. The flickering is 30,000-50,000 times per second (compared to normal neon lamps: 50 times per second).

Literature (recommended in Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

* Schrot & Korn (free in natural food stores)
* ÖkoTest
* Der große Gesundheits-Konz (The big Health-Konz)
* Wolfgang Maes "Streß durch Strom und Strahlung" (Stress through Electricity and Radiation)
* Johanna Paungger “Vom richtigen Zeitpunkt” (The right moment)
* Feng Shui-books from Günther Sator
* Das große Lexikon der Heilsteine, Düfte und Kräuter (Edition Methusalem) (The Great Encyclopedia of Healing Stones, Fragrances and Herbs)


* Refresh your rooms early in the morning by airing (also cellar, storage rooms, attic)
* During the day, air as needed (computer, TV!)
* In the evening air the bedroom again just before bedtime


* According to renowned Swiss researchers, the food is literally shattered in the microwave and all the remaining nutrients are destroyed
* Putting the quick frozen meal or a glass of milk for the child or baby milk in the microwave is a nightmare for natural nutrients that, if needed should be heated conventionally
* Discard the microwave (do not give away) and generally avoid frozen foods and finished meals

Minerals / Gems

* Gems look beautiful and have special powers that can affect the body and soul positively
* Place a rose quartz in front of the computer screen
* Decorate your rooms with rock crystals and rose quartz or other precious stones
* Gems act best directly on the skin (necklaces, palm stones)
* Gems must regularly be "charged"


* In the house, in the appartement or in the office pay attention on having round-leafy plants - be aware of pointy leaves (e.g. Yucca palm best to bring it to the compost!)
* Set up blossoming plants and fresh flowers.
* Let plants grow in clay pot and earth
* Selection of "good" plants: Crane Flower, Blue Mauritius, Lemon, Potted Rose, Malvoideae, Inch plant, Laelia, Birds Nest Fern, Streptocarpus, Chinese evergreens, Lavender, Elepahnts foot, African hemp, Monstera, Cyclamen, Saintpaulia ionantha, Azalea
* Further selection of "good" plants: Madagascar rosy periwinkle, Feverfew, Marguerite, Snowdrops, Butterfly-pea, Flamingo flower, Amaryllis, Fuchsia, Primrose, Scullcap, Philodendren, Codiaeum variegatum, Fiddle-leaf fig, Schefflera, Bush lily, Balcony rose, Flaming Katy, Tropaeolum, Pomegranate, Laural, Hydrangea, Butterfly flower, Impatiens...


* To clean, use only biodegradable cleaning agents
* Spring cleaning with a difference: according to Feng Shui (clapping + sounds) through all the rooms at the beginning of the year

Back Problems

Most of the back problems come from our frequent sitting, which shortens muscles. From our own experience gymnastics and stretching exercises help - especially the > Liebscher & Bracht Schmerztherapie...


Again and again there are problems indoors with microbiological organisms, such as mildew and bacteria. Particularly striking is the increasing number of homes with mold. Because of its allergenic and partly toxic effect, mold in the building, rising above a certain growth surface or spore concentration in the air is not justifiable. We therefore recommend the personally known to us specialists in this field >

Sleeping Area

* Nowhere else do we spend more time or stay in one place than here
* Nowhere else are the body and mind more sensitive and defenseless than in the highly sensitive sleeping phase
* Relaxation instead of tension is the deal
* Regeneration of environmental influences from which we are powerless and unprotected
* During the day we discharge ourselves - depending on footwear and soil quality - at night the body in bed is mostly electrically isolated i.e no ground contact
* An undisturbed place to sleep is the foundation for vitality and health
* A disturbed sleeping space promotes disease and prevents healing
* If possible, use shielded power cable plus electric smog switches
* For transmitters (mobile, TV, radio) that are close by a base wallpaper as well as a window film can help
* Remove radio alarm clocks, TV and other electrical appliances out of the bedroom (radio-controlled alarm clocks are ok)
*  Use natural latex mattresses, for example, with coconut and horsehair (Attention: Nature latex-designation already 30% of latex and 70% chemistry!)
* Remove innerspring mattresses out of bed! Steel coils provide a magnetic field. Test it yourself: Compass needle. Each spring core is magnetized differently, this means that it produces a non-uniform field pattern in the bed.
* Bed and cabinets of natural oiled and waxed wood without metal fittings
* Do without visible mirrors in the bedroom
* Those act suicidal, who after a (successful) operation return home to the same environment (i.e. the same interference, the same bed as before) and above all sleep there! This is true even if the partner was ill.

Cordless Phone

These are house phones with a range of 50-300 m
* CT1 +, internationally proven, telephone and base station send out relatively weak and not pulsed analog waves, and only when someone actually phones. That's the way it should be. Unfortunately, these cordless phones are banned in Germany for use since January 1, 2009 and hefty fines may be imposed.
* CT2, came from the USA (CT = Cordless Telephone). Phone and base stations also send relatively weak but pulsed digital waves, and only in the case of a call. Pulsed waves are considered biologically more critical than non-pulsed, which we now know from the mobile phones. These cordless phones are prohibited in Germany since January 1, 2009.
* Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) are "popular" because of good voice quality. Telephone and base station send relatively strong and pulsed digital waves, and (this is particularly important) the base stations send non-stop with full power. Day and night, even when the phone is not in use. In addition, pulsed electromagnetic fields in the home and without interruption, it is as if you had your own "telephone mast" directly in your home.
However, there are since 2008 DECT cordless phones with "Eco Mode", "low radiation (LR) or "fulleco".
Since there are unfortunately no longer any alternatives in the range of DECT cordless phones, when buying look for a unit that in standby is always working radiation-free - or at best do without cordless phones.


* Shoes must be very conductive!
* With electrically non-conductive soles made of plastic and walking and working on synthetic we accumulate the negative energy and we unburden ourselves, for example at the car (lightning)
* Humans / We need earth contact! We should be constantly in the flow with our life basis an earth. Then every artificial and natural surplus, every spanning is derived immediately to the earth.
* Therefore, naturally conductive soles of leather - switch from plastic insulating to conductive soles or shoes can be grounded by a shoemaker (via a metal rivet through the shoe)
* There are also special antistatic shoes from Birkenstock for example, including the popular Birkenstock slippers "antistatic"

School Bags

* Leather is tried and tested with schoolbags and pencil cases. Because of excess weight just pack what one needs for the respective school day.
* School bags made of synthetic material must be disposed of at high expenses and need intense energy.
* The gym bag can also made of natural fibers (e.g. cotton)


* Take a quick stroll every day dispite the weather
* In winter, during the day, take a walk for example during a lunch break during the light hours - this prevents the so-called "winter depression”.
* In the summer take a very early walk (best air) or in the evening - not at noon because then you have the direct harmful solar radiation (ozone)
* Year-round we recommend the evening stroll immediately before bedtime

Words + Thoughts

* If the little word "NOT" did not exist ... Avoid using this word when you can - practice it!
* Consciously think positive, have and make good thoughts
* "Cleaning Up" in the head
* Live in the here and now, look ahead
* Tip: DVD and the book "The Secret"

Vacuum Cleaner

* Should be able to vacuum the finest dust and guarantees to keep it in the dust bag.
* Powerful devices with over 1,500 Watt engine performance and over 300 Watt suction power
* Micro Filter HEPA or S-class standard
* Special vacuum cleaners that draw air through water and clean it
* Regular cleaning of vacuum cleaner and air filter

Chairs / Sitting

* To avoid damaged discs remember to sit upright and purchase only such chairs, e.g., Stokke to support upright sitting
* Set the backrest in the car as vertical as possible
* On the bicycle also think of sitting upright - in the stooped posture, the weight goes straight to your hands (race bike)


* Pay attention to "adornments" = symbols, e.g., door mats (Good Day, 2002, tortoise) - do you want to step on these daily?
* Let your home be "guarded" by lions
* Use wind chimes, wind wheels, window murals, mobiles in the house and garden


* Quartz watches on your wrist cause thousandfold ticking of the quartz per second directly on and through the pulse to the heart
* Alternative: Automatic watches (wind themselves up by themselves and do not need batteries) or a watch with manual winding
* Distance to battery-powered watches at least 30 cm
* Prefer to wear watches generally on the right - many people suffer when wearing watches on left under oppressive feelings


* Satellite dishes on the roofs and balconies are passive satellite receivers
* Radio controlled clocks (as wristbands, desk clock or alarm clock) are only receivers for radio signals


* If possible wash during a waning moon.
* Use completely biodegradable detergents
* Natural fragrance oil instead of chemical fabric softener with artificial fragrances (apparent scent)


Similar to the normal DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) cordless telephone you have relatively strong and pulsed digital waves, and (this is especially important) non-stop at full power - even if you are not surfing on the internet day and night. Pulsed electromagnetic pollution in your home and beyond, without interruption - your own "mobile phone mast" in your home... It is better to use a cable connection, or at least at night, turn off your Wi-Fi. Talk to your neighbors and inform them. Each Wi-Fi sends signals far beyond the house walls so that you may be in a field of 10-20 or more transmitters.

Other Tips from A-Z

* Shower gels and shampoos - best bought at natural food shops
* Hairbrush - beech wood instead of plastic
* Hotel Room – pull the power plug out, move the bed away from the wall, if possible remove the main fuse
* Migraine should be set by a professional - the vertebral column is the mainstay of the body, the supply lines must be free
* Furniture - solid wood instead of chipboard (Price Comparison!)
* Paper and laundry baskets - Wicker instead of plastic
* Planting Material - clay pots and earth - no hydro
* Sleep - before midnight is the most important. Fatigue poses a risk for accidents and lapses of concentration
* Water lines near the house - Locate and plant boxwood trees.




With the excerpt from above from our presentation “Living consciously - Staying Healthy" we want to share our experiences and the consistent implementation in certain areas of life.

Of course we also learn every day. That is why EACH may decide for himself what needs to be applied.

Be more conscious when buying, be more attentive and sensitive in all areas, with what happens nowadays what is supposedly "in". This unfortunately includes full doctors' offices where only the symptoms are fought at our expenses. No wonder that our health care systems have collapsed.

Interferences are felt first by particularly sensitive people. Thanks be to God, because even the "strongest man" sometimes is knocked over (there are many sad examples) - too late. Therefore, listen to your subconscious if you instinctively notice that you feel bad here or there.

Especially the electronic smog in the sleeping area can be avoided with a few easy changes. Fight therefore against the causes instead of the symptoms - it is for your own health.

Gladly you may contact us concerning questions, also to technical literature or with your own knowledge > contact.

Whoever would generally like to check their house / their home /their workplace, we recommend a metrological inspection.

And if you are interested in us giving a lecture, we will also gladly come to visit you.

By the way, you are welcome to print our tips and copy as often as you like and pass them on to your family, friends and acquaintances. It can only get better if as many people as possible receive this information, and then decide for yourself what you want to apply.

Adelheid and Hermann Reuther

(1 January 2022)

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