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Off to paradise - on a New Zealand Round Trip

Kiwis - for some they are a savory fruit for the other the name of a bird species. What has this got to do with New Zealand? Oh yes, Kiwi is also a pet name for the New Zealander. And if the inhabitants carry a nickname, then the country can also have a second name that goes back to its discoverer. The Maori call New Zealand Aotearoa and explain the use of this word with the long white cloud - that is what the translation means in Maori.

These Highlights are worth seeing on a New Zealand Round Trip

New Zealand lies in the southern Pacific and offers so much to see that it seems to be almost impossible to pack all the sights in just one tour. Yet Reuthers has done it. The Paradise Tour leads into almost every corner of the island. The Paradise Tour starts in the most northern corner – in the New Zealand Northlands. On the program at the start of the tour is a visit to the birthplace of New Zealand. In Waitangi, a district of Paihia, the founding contract was signed in 1840. In addition to this historic site is the geographically significant northernmost point in the country also worth a visit: Cape Reinga. After a visit to this spiritual place, the Reuthers New Zealand Round Trip leads to the south.

Interested in Native Birds and Native Plants of New Zealand?

In the Waipoua Kauri Forest, the participants of the Reuthers Tours get very close to the so-called "God of the Forest", a 2,000 year old tree the Tane Mahuta. Afterwards the group takes course to Auckland. With every step you can walk in the footsteps of New Zealand's indigenous population. The Maori already populated the country in the mid-14th century. Next stop: the popular seaside town of Whitianga, which had different names and served for a long time as an export center. Close by is the Cathedral Cove, which gives the picturesque bay and the Cathedral Cave its name.

From Wellington off to the South Island

A further breathtaking nature play awaits the participants of the Reuthers New Zealand Round Trip in Rotorua and Te Puia. There they can watch geysers. The hot springs, which gush into fountains from a safe distance and learn more about this extraordinary natural phenomenon. Scene change: After so much nature, it is time for some city flair in New Zealand's capital Wellington. Just being in the very south of the North Island of New Zealand makes the next route stop almost inevitable: the South Island.

First stop is the Abel Tasman National Park with its sandy beaches and turquoise colored water as well as a number of beautiful bays, it captures numerous tourists every year under its spell. The next tour stop, Cape Foulwind, is known for two things: the seal colony south of the cape and for its lighthouse. With a visit to the Pancake Rocks, the participants of the Reuthers New Zealand Round Trip find themselves in the middle of the Paparoa National Parks.

A visit to the gold mining town of Ross and a farm tour are further highlights on the tour of the New Zealand south island. And adventurers get their money's worth: Reuthers provides, weather permitting, exciting quad bike tours, a helicopter ride to the Franz Josef Glacier, bungee jumping from the Kawarau Bridge, parasailing and jet boat tours. After so much action, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is on the itinerary: a visit to the Milford Sound, a fjord in Fjordland National Park. After some animal attractions, the Paradise Tour ends in Christchurch, probably the most English city in New Zealand.

Choose between the different New Zealand Round Trips

On the Paradise tour, the participants of the Reuthers New Zealand Round Trip travel to all these attractions. The Highlights Tour on the other hand is somewhat shorter. With the other Reuthers New Zealand Round Trips you can put your individual focus on the region that you want to have a closer look at.

The travel options keep what they promise and have long been established as attractive topic tours. Whether on the Harley-Davidson or with the Bus - as always Reuthers offers a variant for each trip, and they have also set up a route especially for pro photographers and hobby photographers.

Here you find your New Zealand Dream Tour:


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