Reuthers Rewards

Reuthers Rewards

The bonus program for our loyal and honored clients

Collect Reuthers Rewards with every booking you make with Reuthers.

Your Reuthers Rewards correspond to the total price (converted in Euro on the booking day) and are entered automatically in your booking confirmation as well as in your Reuthers Rewards account.

Reuthers Rewards are honored from your second booking. When making one of your next bookings please let us know how many of your collected Reuthers Rewards you wish to redeem for your new booking.

From   5.000 Reuthers Rewards = 2% Discount (off regular price)
From 10.000 Reuthers Rewards = 3% Discount (off regular price)
From 15.000 Reuthers Rewards = 4% Discount (off regular price)
From 20.000 Reuthers Rewards = 5% Discount (off regular price)
From 25.000 Reuthers Rewards => Reuthers Lifetime Member Status

The redemption of Reuthers Rewards must be made together with your new booking and before your new booking confirmation is issued.

Reuthers Rewards are transferable within family members and partners.

By the way, from 25.000 Reuthers Rewards or after being honored with an official Tour Flag, these loyal clients > Hall Of Fame automatically get the Reuthers Lifetime Member Status and benefit from a 10% discount for each new booking. Please note, that this discount also applies for their family members, partners and friends, if the tour booking is made together.

Enjoy The Day! Enjoy The Ride! LET'S RUMBLE! with Reuthers.