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Reuthers Press Releases

The current press release from REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS - Reuthers World Of Enjoyment:

Coburg, 2 July 2021

"Suesse 17 und ein rotes Sommerkleid":
Teddy Herz sings summer song with SambaBeat

Official Statement

Reuthers Statement on the current situation

REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS with "Reuthers World Of Enjoyment" is a worldwide operating service company for events, travel, music and entertainment. Since 1987 our job is "Fulfilling Dreams" - since March 2020 we are prevented from doing so by regulations. More and more leading scientists and legal scholars from all over the world are calling the "Corona coercive measures" imposed on all of us excessive, unlawful and not very effective. People suffer, livelihoods are destroyed and the damage to our society is out of all proportion to the propagated "protection of the population". Renowned doctors worldwide also warn urgently against a new type of "vaccine" whose effectiveness, side effects and long-term consequences are largely unknown.

As a responsible company, we would like to comment on this current situation as follows:

We are in favor of peaceful coexistence and freedom of expression.

We are against a two-tier society, as is currently being discussed with regard to vaccination and the so-called "Great Reset", among other things.

We are against any form of discrimination and racism and condemn the attempt to divide our society.

We are for the right of self-determination of peoples, for diversity, peace and for freedom in this world.

We are for the preservation of the fundamental rights of all people and for the protection of animals, nature and the environment.

We call on those responsible to immediately withdraw all "lockdowns" and "coercive measures" and to work on a social system in which the needs of the people are better taken into account.

We are happy to help with advice and action and ask everyone to work constructively for a better world - we have the chance to do so right now.

Coburg, 8 February 2021

Hermann Reuther, President

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Schlager Musikanten unterwegs

Schlager Musikanten unterwegs

On a musical journey, singer and entertainer Teddy Herz presents German Schlager artists as well as sights and highlights of popular regions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the new TV music show "Schlager Musikanten unterwegs".

The first stop is Eisenach in Thuringia - closely associated with, among others, the reformer Martin Luther, the composer Johann Sebastian Bach and the Unesco World Heritage Site and landmark - Wartburg Castle.

Our editorial team is now accepting applications from artists, cities and sights for this and future broadcasts > Contact the editorial team


Label + Music Production + Publishing + Artist Management + Radio + TV

With the newly founded music label Reuthers RecordsReuthers Music Publishing and Reuthers Music Production for national and international music productions and publications of all genre - combined with Reuthers Artist Management and the 24/7 station Radio Schlager Musikanten as well as Schlager Musikanten TV - another chapter in the history of REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS has opened...

You are a composer and/or writer and would like to have your works produced and published? Just Contact Us and we talk about the possibilities.

Teddy Herz - Wenn Teenager träumen

Teddy Herz sings summer song with SambaBeat

Youthful charm and casual light SambaBeat: With the schlager "Suesse 17 und ein rotes Sommerkleid" composed by Christian Bruhn, singer and entertainer Teddy Herz once again ensures good mood and summer feeling...

The Single is available at all Download Stores and Streaming Services.

Suesse 17 und ein rotes Sommerkleid at amazon music Suesse 17 und ein rotes Sommerkleid at Apple Music Suesse 17 und ein rotes Sommerkleid at Spotify

Teddy Herz / Welche Farbe hat die Welt

The very personal Album: Teddy Herz - "Welche Farbe hat die Welt"

"Welche Farbe hat die Welt" (what color is the world) is a very personal album by the singer and entertainer Teddy Herz. It includes new recordings of popular German Schlager from the 50s and 60s and own songs in the style of this wonderful time - for today...

Album CD available at Specialist Retailers and Online Shops as well as Download Stores and Streaming Services.

amazon music Apple Music Spotify



Virtual Events

Virtual Events

In order to reach a worldwide audience, well-known global players such as Apple or Microsoft have been using live streams for their presentations and events for some time now, which can be followed everywhere and conveniently from home.

In the meantime, this has become a standard and in certain areas even complements or replaces classic live events - especially in times of environmental protection and reasonable budgeting.

Reuthers is taking care of all your live stream needs.



Motorcycle Tour Route 66

Get Your Kicks On Route 66

The best time to travel Route 66 is always in spring!

At present we are preparing our upcoming Route 66 Guided Dream Tour 3.-17.May.2022 either as a Harley-Davidson motorcycle tour or as a photo tour.

See and experience the very best parts of Route 66 combined with several highlights on the way GOING WEST from Chicago to Los Angeles = the historical direction.

> Book Now !

New Zealand

Kia Ora to New Zealand - Welcome to Paradise!

The Maori call New Zealand Aotearoa and explain the use of this word with the long white cloud - that is what the translation means in Maori. Since 2001 the own Reuthers branch is operating in Auckland, the City Of Sails and providing New Zealand travel needs like Airport Transfers, Photo Tours, Motorcycle Tours, Adventure Tours and Rental Car Tours. Enjoy the Videos:

Video New Zealand and Video Landing in Auckland






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