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Off to Down Under: On a round trip of Australia

What is the name of Australia’s capital? Canberra! On the Reuthers tours through Australia, also the secret capitals - Melbourne and Sydney - are a fixed component on the route. There are two tours through Australia: The Best Of Tour lasts 18 days, the tour Down Under is 12 days. The difference is in the small island called Tasmania, which is visited after a voyage on the Spirit of Tasmania as part of the Best Of Tour. The dream trip from the house Reuthers can of course be found as a tour on a Harley-Davidson, on a Bus or as a Photo Tour.

Experience on a round trip of Australia the coasts and world cities

Even the launch of Reuthers tour starts on a dreamlike road that opens the door to the many beauties of the fifth continent. Every year, over 7 million people visit this designated Scenic Route, which travel along more than 240 kilometers of the Australian coast. Before you head off with Reuthers towards the inland, whales can be observed in their natural habitat, off the coast of Portland - a natural spectacle that has no rivals!

After experiencing this wonder of nature, the Reuthers troupe sets out to explore the heartland of Australia. Warning: Time travel could written at the entrance of Sovereign Hills. Those who believed, that the Wild West, is only in the USA are wrong - because in this suburb of Ballarat gold is still mined and life is lived as "the old days".

For those that had little luck at panning for gold in the Sovereign Hills, they may try their luck in Albury with gambling. The troupe arrives there rested, because on todays itinerary is a boat trip across the Murray River. In addition to the longest river in Australia a visit to a winery is on the program.

Canberra and Sydney are of course a fixed component on the Australia Round Trip. Since Reuthers is well known for their unique tours, a harbor cruise with a dinner on board awaits the participants. Also the famous Opera House, which became the symbol of the city, is worth a visit.

After this detour to the major cities of Australia, the Australia Round Trip heads back to the coast: After a drive over the picturesque Princess Highway 1 the night is spent in style in the harbor area - before the participants of the Best of Tour head off to Tasmania.

Australia round trip with or without Tasmania - this is the big question

About 240 kilometers off the coast of the Australian mainland lies the island of Tasmania, which is also the name of the state, extending across the island itself and several smaller islands. Although Swansea and Devonport are more often mentioned, the capital of Tasmania is Hobart. All three cities are tour stops on the Reuthers Australia Round Trip.

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