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Sydney, Australia Down Under Rental Car Tour

Our "Down Under" Self Drive Rental Car road trip through Australia will take you through the states of Victoria and New South Wales. You will get to know the vibrant cities Melbourne and Sydney and discover special landscapes such as the Great Ocean Road on the south coast of Australia, the Murray River and the wine-growing areas of Routherglen. Keep in mind - in Australia there is only left-handed traffic! Other highlights on this Self Drive Rental Car Tour are a harbor cruise in Sydney with dinner and a ride with the steamboat on the Murray River. Finally, full of new impressions, you arrive back in Melbourne.


The Route for the Rental Car Tour Australia Down Under


The Route:

arrow down Day 1: Melbourne > Port Campbell

Australia Twelve Apostels

Your rental car tour starts on the famous Great Ocean Road in Melbourne. In addition to the coastal road, which was built by soldiers remembering their their fallen comrades, the Twelve Apostles are a highlight of the day.

arrow down Day 2: Port Campbell > Portland

Australia Great Ocean Road

You will spend a big chunk of your day on Great Ocean Road once again. At Logan Beach, breathtaking whales appear to be within reach.

arrow down Day 3: Portland > Ballarat

Australia Sovereign Hill, Ballarat

With your rental car, you will finally start exploring the heart of Australia. In the afternoon, you arrive at Sovereign Hill. In this suburb, time seems to almost stand still. You can even dig for gold here.

arrow down Day 4: Ballarat > Echuca

Australia Road Trip

On your drive from Ballarat to Echuca, you get a feel for the continent of Australia - with its endless expanses, beautiful roads and dreamlike landscapes.

arrow down Day 5: Echuca > Albury

Australia Emmylou Murry River Echuca

The historic port of Echuca will delight you. The paddle steamer Emmylou will make for an unforgettable and nostalgic experience.

arrow down Day 6: Albury > Canberra

Australia Government House Canberra

Today, you are off to the capital of Australia, which is neither Melbourne nor Sydney. Rather, you will be taking your rental car right to Canberra where you can browse the Australian government district at your leisure.

arrow down Day 7: Canberra > Sydney

Australia Captain Cook Sydney

Head towards Sydney, where a beautiful harbor cruise with many sparkling lights is waiting for you in the evening. The dinner on the Captain Cook thus becomes a true feast for your senses.

arrow down Day 8: Sydney

Australia Opera House Sydney

This day belongs to the city of Sydney. Ditch your rental car and explore the opera district by foot. An Opera House tour is of course a must.

arrow down Day 9: Sydney > Bateman's Bay

Australia Bewong Road House

Today, you can look forward to a winding coastal road and the Princess Highway 1, which will take you to Bateman's Bay. Definitely stop by the Bewong Roadhouse, a truck stop, in order to see a different side of Australia.

arrow down Day 10: Bateman's Bay > Lakes Entrance

Australia Tathra Wharf

The marina in Bateman's Bay will enchant you in the morning. But your final destination for the day is Lakes Entrance, where you can enjoy a sumptuous dinner in the harbor district.

arrow down Day 11: Lakes Entrance > Melbourne

Colonial Tram Car Restaurant, Melbourne, Australia

Via the Princess Freeway, you will quickly reach Melbourne, where you return your rental car and start travelling home or simply extend your stay in Australia.

Learn more about this Self Drive Rental Car Tour:

arrow down What's included - Pricing

What's included:
* The Original Tour - developed and organised by Reuthers
* Rental Car - compact class - for the Tour including third party and comprehensive insurance
* Reuthers POMZEC© (Peace Of Mind Zero Excess Coverage) for the rental vehicle
* 10x Accommodation Middleclass Hotels/Motels in shared Double Room
* Secured Payment Certificate (Sicherungsschein)
* Reuthers Tour Book with Itineraries and Tips
* Reuthers Travel Lecture (in English)
* Reuthers Rewards

Please feel free to tell us your individual date!

Driver Rental Car = AUD 2495
Passenger Rental Car = AUD 1675
Twin Room extra charge (2 separate beds instead of 1 common bed) = AUD 135
Single Room extra charge (instead of shared Double Room) = AUD 395

Optional Bookings:
Additional Accommodation prior tour start in shared Double Room (1 common bed) = AUD 110
Additional Accommodation prior tour start in shared Twin Room (2 separate beds) = AUD 120
Additional Accommodation prior tour start in Single Room = AUD 220
Additional Accommodation after the tour in shared Double Room (1 common bed) = AUD 110
Additional Accommodation after the tour in shared Twin Room (2 separate beds) = AUD 120
Additional Accommodation after the tour in Single Room = AUD 220

All pricing payable in Australia Dollar.
3% Early Bird Discount (booking more than 12 months prior tour start)
2% Golden Ager Discount (age at least 60 years prior tour start)
10% Group Discount (from 8 registrations made within one week, one common Payment of Balance)
Please note: The Total Discount for all applicable Discounts is a maximum of 10%.

Paying in the above tour currency is the cheapest way. If you prefer another currency - simply select:

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