Travel Activities

Travel Activities

Book a Dream Trip - and experience adventures with Reuthers

The list of the dream destinations are extensive to which Reuthers travels to. Equally varied are the ways to explore foreign countries. To explore the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Europe, South America and Asia on a Motorcycle Tour, is still the most classical way. The Reuthers clients have the opportunity to book a Guided Tour or to go on their own adventure.

The same adventure can be shared with those who prefer a seat in the mini bus to the saddle of a Harley-Davidson, BMW or Indian motorcycle. All passengers are offered the opportunity to book the same tour as an Adventure Tour in a comfortable minibus. The professional and amateur photographers that are in search of the perfect motive will also find a seat in the minibus on the Reuthers Photo Tours.

Individual Rental Car Tours with Reuthers organization and information material

In addition to Motorcycle Tours, Photo Tours or Adventure Tours it can get even more individual: a Rental Car Tour allows you to enjoy all the organizational benefits of a Reuthers tour and to travel without a group. And this is how it works: The experienced Reuthers team will organize the trip in terms of car and hotel booking. The tours are orientated to the guided Reuthers Adventure Tours. A Tour Book and maps enable the individual traveler to discover true dream destinations - and also to take advantage of the years of travel experience of Reuthers without a tour guide.

Improve your handicap In South Africa: Play golf in Cape Town

A travel experience and Special Event is the Harley and Golf Tour in South Africa. Local attractions such as the Cape of Good Hope, the Big Five and the South African bush lands lure to the distant country. In addition to classic tourist attractions renowned golf courses and the Reuthers Golf Trophy are an integral part of the itinerary.

Active Round Trip: Bye bye motorcycle saddle - Hello saddle of the bicycle!

To also create the right offer for Cyclists with wanderlust, Reuthers starts with a tour of New Zealand. The fans of cycling are offered fullest comfort with Reuthers, because every cyclist can decide which section is to be explored by bike, and what distance is traveled in the escort vehicle. By the way: New Zealand is just the beginning.

Coming up next...

More bicycle concepts in addition to New Zealand are already in the making. Also hiking routes are being designed to invite you to explore dream destinations on foot. In Alaska, Canada, Iceland and Sweden, Snowmobile Tours are also possible, which are currently being organized on request. Wellness Tours are also in the making.

You make a wish - Reuthers creates and organizes

For those who have searched in vain for the right tour in spite of the variety of opportunities with the perfect means of transportation can still build on the experience of Reuthers. Because the travel and event team can also arrange Private Tours - according to the respective requirements. Contact us for your individual journey or also to get an exact offer for an extraordinary Incentive Tour.

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