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Reuthers Music Publishing

Since 1987 REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS is successfully working in the national and international Showbusiness.

With Reuthers Music Publishing we are now also taking care of publishing and marketing of national and international music from all genres.

You are a composer and/or writer and would like to have your works published and marketed?

Just Contact us and we talk about the possibilities.




We also release Your Single - Your Album.

Reuthers Records
Reuthers Music Publishing
Reuthers Music Production
Reuthers Artist Management


With the music label Reuthers Records, the music publishing company Reuthers Music Publishing, Reuthers Music Production and Reuthers Artist Management we offer artists and authors a musical home and ideal marketing platform.


Schlager Musikanten Magazin
Radio Schlager Musikanten
Schlager Musikanten TV
Schlager Musikanten unterwegs


As an ideal complement, the Schlager Musikanten Magazine, the 24/7 stations Radio Schlager Musikanten and Schlager Musikanten TV, as well as the own TV show and the tour program "Schlager Musikanten unterwegs" ensure media distribution close to the audience.