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Reuthers World Of Enjoyment

"The average gives the world its substance,
the exceptional gives it its value."
(Oscar Wilde)

REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS® with its brand Reuthers® is a worldwide operating service group in the field of events, music, entertainment, travel and leisure with companies in Germany, the USA, New Zealand as well as worldwide representatives.

We provide a whole World Of Enjoyment

Since its founding in 1987, a team of specialists has been taking care of the dreams and wishes of clients with great attention to detail: the company incentive, Clown Dodo at the kids party, the world star at the press ball, the model launch at the car dealership, seminars & trainings, the culinary feast, the dream trip in the paradise of New Zealand, a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle tour on the legendary Route 66 and worldwide photo and adventure tours. To complete the "Reuthers® World of Enjoyment", there is also a music publisher and music label, artist management for stars and starlets as well as a radio station and TV channel...

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