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On a Canada Round Trip: Welcome to the Wilderness

Whether you are really meet a Canadian Grizzly is of course not in our hands. However, a whitewater boat trip will certainly provide for the necessary thrills. What else awaits you in Canada? The famous Rocky Mountains, numerous national parks, that open the gates to the scenic paradises and a visit to one of the most liveable cities of the world: Vancouver.

The Canada Round Trip starts in a World City: Vancouver

Only 45 kilometers separate the city Vancouver from USA. Where does the name come from? From a curious captain by the name of George Vancouver that once explored the area. Vancouver is also a city of the gold rush period. This and the beginning of the transcontinental railroad at the end of the 19th century were the start of a rapid development of the city. The town attained international status after the opening of the Port Metro Vancouver. Also the city is an important film production location as well as the starting and ending point of the Reuthers Canada Round Trips.

And in between? The Canadian Goldrush Trail lures to the Indian Reservations, which by the way are called the "First Nations". And of course, the namesake of the Reuthers Canada Round Trip extends through the tour: the Rocky Mountains. The Rocky Mountains extend from New Mexico into the United States up to Canada. In American and Canadian 20 national parks have developed along the impressive mountain world. And of course these proven nature highlights are also an integral part of the Reuthers Canada Round Trips. The Jasper National Park, Banff National Park and Glacier National Park are some tour stops on the trip.

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With Reuthers on a Canada Round Trip along the Rocky Mountains

But where is the country that is the focus here? Canada lies between the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Arctic Ocean. Canada shares its borders with the USA only in the south and in the northwest which was settled for the first time by the Indians. In addition to typical highlights such as the Rocky Mountains, there are in Canada many witnesses of past years - such as the gold rush towns that are in all cases worth a visit. And of course they are a part of the Reuthers Canada Tours.

On a Motorcycle or in a comfortable Minibus you will travel through the Canadian wilderness - and the Reuthers catalog also has a Photo Tour.


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