Adventure Tours Canada

Adventure Tours Canada

Travelling in small travel group and minibus through Canada

We head east on the Grandview Highway - this is how the Reuthers Adventure Tour through Canada starts. Participants do well to follow the journey carefully, because there are not only the remarkable destinations but also the chance to enjoy the scenic backdrops that can be seen during the tour. The Goldrush Trail leads on the Canadian Highway 1 to Indian Reservations and historic gold mining towns.

Moreover the outlook on the entire Canada Round Trip is a unique experience: The National Parks become true tourist magnets next to the the rock formations of the Rocky Mountains, with their waterfalls, glaciers and fabulous animal worlds. Several millions annually visit the Rocky Mountains - on the Canadian as well as the American side. So it is understandable that the Reuthers Canada Round Trip is aligned with the imposing mountain range.

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Canada Rockies

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Adventure Tour Canada Rockies


Reuthers Canada Round Trip offers more than the Rockies and Vancouver

It is obvious that every Canada traveler takes a side trip into the Rocky Mountains and visits a world city such as Vancouver. But what else is there to discover in the land of grizzlies? For example Calgary and the province Alberta. This city is most certainly know amongst winter athletes because of the Olympic ski jump. Although the city is full of skyscrapers and cultural institutions, one thing is quite clear: Calgary is a green city. The Prince's Island Park, Canada Olympic Park and other green areas are a great balance to the Canadian bustle of shopping malls and more.

Also worth seeing is Oliver in the province of British Columbia. Here the sweet aroma of fruits lie in the air. The city is considered as a wine capital of Canada. In addition, the town is a popular tourist attraction - and scores points with water sports, golf courses and other tourist highlights. The route continues along fruit farms - to Kelowna. It is interesting that while Kelowna is a popular destination to visit in Canada during the warm days - but the list of famous Kelownas is lined with winter athletes, who made a name for themselves in ice hockey.


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