Adventure Tours South Africa

Adventure Tours South Africa

Travelling in small travel group and minibus through South Africa

Just let it all hang out and enjoy South Africa - that's what participants can do on a Reuthers Adventure Tour. The Wild Garden Tour lasts 12 days and is filled with entertainment and certifies both the diversity of the landscape as well as the animal inhabitants and has the most famous places in South Africa in the program. What awaits you? South African surprises! Because in addition to the classic safari in Knysna which is a well-known stop on the Garden Route, a wine tasting is also organized. South Africa is in fact also known for world-class wine as well as its animal inhabitants.

Yet first of all to the delicious drink: With a visit to Groot Constantia, the participants of the Reuthers South Africa Round Trip are guests in a winery that supplied in the 18th and 19th centuries the nobles with the delicious drop, the Constantia wine. Incidentally Groot Constantia is also worth a visit for architecture fans. Nevertheless, the buildings that were once destroyed by fire, were rebuilt again true to the original. The style goes back to the Cape Dutch, who have influenced other places of Reuthers South Africa Round Trip.

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The wine-growing areas of South Africa Round Trip tour are a reminder of the French and Dutch settlers

Cape Dutchman is the old name for Boer. And this again stands for the Afrikaans, the inhabitants of South Africa coming from Europe and Namibia. Originally the Boer were settlers from the Netherlands, Germany and France. And that is also a topic on the Reuthers South Africa Round Trip. Not only Groot Constantia but also Stellenbosch dates back to Dutch settlers - and is now one of the most important wine-producing areas of South Africa. Also in Swellendam the participants of the Reuthers South Africa Round Trip run into Dutch roots.

Franschhoek however reminds of the French settlers. The very name suggests a connection, translated it means "French corner". The town was founded in 1688 by the Huguenots. The immigrants not only brought their culture to South Africa but also their knowledge in wine building. So the cultivation area of celebrated vintage wines developed along the Franschhoek-Wine Route. In the town there is as a reminder of the past era: The Huguenot Monument and the Huguenot Museum that is also a tourist attraction.


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