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With a Mini Bus on a Round Trip through the USA: Wild West feeling along the Route 66

Good news for all USA fans. Reuthers also designed a USA round trip along the legendary Route 66 for those who want to take the trip with a Mini Van. As a led Bus Tour, the tour has all the highlights in the program that are usually a classic in the saddle of a Harley-Davidson. The Roadtrip comprises eight states. Starting point is - following the historic direction from east to west - Chicago. The goal of the tour is Los Angeles.

The USA round trip along the Route 66 can hardly be beaten in versatility. Fans of history get their kicks in the adopted home of former President Abraham Lincoln and reverently walk through the "Gateway to the West" in St. Louis. Those who aim high, can take a gondola to the top of the Gateway Arch's. The unique outlook is just as breathtaking as the colorful rock formations of the Grand Canyon - that is explored with a helicopter.

An USA Round Trip along the Route 66: Big feelings and numerous highlights

Experience the sweeping expanse and the American Wild West up close and rejoice in the unique experience to travel on the famous Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica. The Reuthers USA round trip offers along the Route 66 more than the classic highlights: True insider secrets from Reuthers - especially of culinary nature - line the way along the Route 66. Leather armchairs, hamburgers and steak lure you into the American Diners along the route. And everywhere the Reuthers community is warmly welcomed.

The highlights on the Route 66, however, are incredibly versatile. The Cadillacs projecting into the air in front of the Cadillac Ranch west of Amarillo are absolutely worth seeing. But also the famous bridge that crosses the Canadian River with whopping 38 arches, is a remarkable highlight in the context of Reuthers USA round trip along the Route 66.

When are you going on a Bus Tour (Dream, Kicks) along the Route 66?

> Bus Tour Route 66 Dream 15 Days
> Bus Tour Route 66 Kicks 12 Days

...get your kicks on Route 66 - with Reuthers always from east to west = the historical direction!

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