Motorcycle Tours Route 66

Motorcycle Tours Route 66

With a Harley-Davidson or BMW on a USA round trip along the Route 66

"Well, if you ever plan to motor west - Jack, take my way, it's the highway, that's the best - get your kicks on Route 66 ..." Far away from any worries cruising on a highway through the countryside - this is the feeling which is intended by the song about the Route 66 . And how can this be better than in the saddle of a Harley-Davidson or BMW? In addition to the already magnificent cruising on Route 66, the participants on the USA round trip are offered much more: The Reuthers team has put together two USA Tours along the Route 66, which are peppered with must-see highlights and turn the incomparable Route 66 into an unforgettable experience.

The Route 66: A USA Round Trip for the Harley-Davidson and BMW lover

On a USA round trip it is a requirement to cruise along the Route 66 with a Harley-Davidson or BMW. Along the way history can be experienced on almost every mile. Springfield was for many years the home town of former United States President Abraham Lincoln and St. Louis is known far beyond the state borders as a pioneer town. Of course, a visit to the Route 66 Museum in Clinton on the USA round trip along the famous Route 66 is also a duty. In Santa Fe, the bikers have the possibility to visit a Harley-Davidson dealer. In Las Vegas we will eat authentically in the Hard Rock Cafe.

In addition, there are with the Grand Caynon and the Monument Valley two beautiful National Parks along the route. On the edge of Monument Valley National Park, two more states are within your reach. Colorado and Utah are close enough to touch - and this is on the route which allows the particapants of the USA round trip to cross through eight states along the Route 66. In the Grand Canyon National Park, a further Reuthers highlight awaits you: A helicopter brings the participants of the Reuthers USA round trip into airy heights and promises a gigantic outlook over the rock formations.

By the way: The USA round trip along the Route 66 only becomes a legendary Reuthers Tour as the classic route is lined along with well known sights and true insider tips. Also a visit to an original Route 66 restaurant is on the program.

When are you going with Reuthers on a Dream Tour or getting your Kicks on the Route 66?

> Motorcycle Tour Route 66 Dream - 15 Days
> Motorcycle Tour Route 66 Kicks - 12 Days

...get your kicks on Route 66 - always from east to west = the historical direction!

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