Motorcycle Tours Florida

Motorcycle Tours Florida

With the Harley-Davidson or BMW on a Florida Round Trip

A Harley-Davidson or BMW tour of the USA is only possible on the Route 66? Far from it. Of course the Route 66 is the classic Harley route, but keep your eyes open! Even the Sunshine State has countless attractions for Harley-Davidson and BMW fans. And who could better lead a Florida round trip but the world's leading provider of guided Harley-Davidson or BMW Tours, the Reuthers team. Highlights on the route are in any case Miami and Key West. But the Florida round trip becomes unique with the insider tips from Reuthers...

The highlights of the Florida Tour: Daytona Beach, Miami and Key West

Did you know that the Bike Week takes place in Daytona Beach which is know beyond the country's borders as one of the largest Harley-Davidson get togethers? Reason enough to take a trip to the famous beach as part of the Florida Motorcycle Tours.

A true blast is a visit to the John F. Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Iceland and also the shopping fans were thought of in setting up the Florida Tours: In Fort Lauderdale there is abundant time for shopping. On the airboat tour of the Everglades National Park you can look out for alligators. And in Palm Beach, as the name suggests, palm trees as far as the eye can see.

Going on a Florida round trip on a Harley-Davidson or BMW and the Reuthers team primarily means one thing: Experiencing the Sunshine State with all its facets, driving along a sophisticated route, lets every biker's heart beat faster, and experiencing a Florida round trip that finds no equal. The two Reuthers tours through Florida basically differ in one point: On the Sunshine tour, the group takes a detour to Key West. This excursion to the Floridas Keys is missing on the History tour.

When will you cruise as a participant on a Reuthers Motorcycle Tour through Florida?

> Motorcycle Tour Florida Sunshine
11 Days from/to Miami (Fort Myers, Ocala, Saint Augustine, Daytona Beach, Palm Beach, Key West)

> Motorcycle Tour Florida History
8 Days from/to Miami (same route as "Sunshine", however, without the Keys)

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