Motorcycle Tours Canada

Motorcycle Tours Canada

The steep mountain passes through the Rocky Mountains and the roads through the stunning scenery actually require just one thing: to be ascended with the Harley-Davidson. Arriving in the Rockies a panorama like no other awaits you. The most imposing mountains of the Rocky Mountains are 2,000 to 3,000 meters high. On the American side the Mount Elbert with 4.401 meters is the highest elevation, on the Canadian side the Mount Robson with 3.954 meters excels all elevations of the Rocky Mountains in height meters.

In addition to the fabulous view, one thing is of great importance for the Harley-Davidson biker on the Reuthers Canada Round Trip: The elaborate routing, which lets the ride become an event. So, of course the route from Revelstoke to Nelson is an integral part in Reuthers Canada Round Trip.

The Reuthers Canada Tour - Experience Nature in addition to Cruising

Of course, cruising is in the foreground, but in addition to the fun, other means of transportation can be applied: So a truly adventurous boat tour in Jasper National Park is on the agenda. Also a highlight in connection with the element of water are the Sunwapta Falls, the Althabasca Falls and the same named glacier. The Maligne Lake, which is visited during the Reuthers Canada Round Trip, is the deepest lake in the park.

By the way: In Canada it can be pretty wild. On the one hand because the region around Vancouver is suited for whale watching, on the other hand, because the national parks are home to many animals that are protected and yet sometimes watch shyly through the tree tops. The most famous animal inhabitant of Canada is probably the Grizzly. There are approximately 50,000 brown giants today. Most of them live in the USA in the Yellowstone National Park, in Canadas British Columbia and in Alaska But moose and reindeer also call the Canadian National Parks their home.

On the Reuthers Canada Round Trip there's also something for Fans of History

And because the history of Canada is almost inextricably linked to the transcontinental railway, this important historical part can be experienced first hand in the Revelstoke railway museum. The museum lies at an important railroad junction and provides an insight into the Canadian history of railroad traffic. A snow plow also belongs to every Canadian station and joins the ranks of freight wagons of steel and wood.

Just as significant is the history of the Canadian gold miners. The participants visit two typical mining towns, Cache Creek and Fort Steele. Even today there are locals and tourists, who still believe in the big find.

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