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Photo Tours

In search of the perfect motive: On Photo Tour with Reuthers

If you follow the claim of the French photographer and artist, Henri Cartier-Bresson, then "head, eye and heart must be brought in line (when taking pictures)". For this purpose, you should also participate on one of the Reuthers Photo Tours, because on each route one photo opportunity chases the next.

Breathtaking nature and great cities of world-class are part of the tour plans of Reuthers Photo Tours to New Zealand, Australia, Canada, South Africa, the USA, Europe and Patagonia in South America. The tours, which were designed for eight to twelve participants, are popular with both amateur and professional photographers, as the countries have without a doubt a lot of potential.

The travel routes were developed with great attention to details - and with the experience of organizing Dream Tours for over 15 years. Each tour is designed for the lens of photographers - and promises one of a kind dream moments. Special attention was laid on a well balanced szenario of motives: From cultural heritage to natural landscapes to the main attractions of the world. Reuthers Photo Tours offer especially one thing: Addiction potential, who ever experienced a Reuthers Dream Tour, will also want to experience the other countries with a camera at hand.

>>> All Reuthers Photo Tours convey the peculiarities of landscape photography and portrait photography with corresponding motifs. You learn more about the look for graphic accents and different perspectives as well as the use of different focal lengths. Finally, it is subtleties that lead to an individual photograph. For early risers we have the sunrise in the program - for night owls the sunset. And, of course, we will discuss the photo shoots of the participants in the tour group and award the best photo at the end of a Reuthers Photo Tour <<<

When which tour is coming up, can be found in the > Tours Calendar

Therefore Reuthers

Reuthers is far more than a classical provider of Photo Tours. Reuthers would like to make your dreams come true with his tour offers. Reuthers offers an extensive package and transparent prices. Check it out for yourself!

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