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A tour stop on the Florida Round Trip: Miami

A vacation in Florida without a visit to Miami? You would be missing something! For the second largest city in Florida, which Will Smith sang about in a smash hit, is logically an inherent part of Reuthers Florida round trip. Amateur and professional photographers are advised to take some time at the beach in order to shoot one or another snapshot. Tourists and residents having fun on the promenade - and perhaps even a star will appear in front of your lens. One thing is for sure: In any case it will be multicultural.

Will Smith describes it in his hit of Miami quite aptly when he sings of the various nations "every different nation spanish hatian indian jamaican black white cuban and asian" and tells his audience: "party in the city where the heat is on all night on the beach till the break of dawn ... welcome to Miami."

On the Reuthers Florida Tours it will be animalistic

Yet Miami is of course only one of many worthwhile stops in Florida. Also in the Everglades National Park, there is a lot of food for hungry photographic lenses - starting with the smallest post office in the world in Everglades City to the infamous alligators that you will see on an airboat tour. Furthermore, the participants of the Reuthers Florida round trip experience a farm tour in Ocala. With this city the "Horse Capital of the World" you have a further tour stop on the Florida round trip. In 1943 a farm started here on which only some time later the first triumphant gallop racehorse of the Sunshine State lived. Of course there is an original American barbecue before the image hunter on Reuthers Photo Tour continues to travel through the Sunshine State.

Worth more than just a photo is the Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine in Florida. In 1672 the beginning of the construction of today's fortifications started. This fort built by the Spaniards is part of a national monument - and therefore a must on every Florida round trip. Also obligatory is taking a picture of the palm trees which line the avenues in the Sunshine State. Tip: Palm Beach is very suitable for a private photo shooting under palms trees.

When will you take a snapshot of Florida’s highlights on the Sunshine or the History Tour?

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