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Radio Schlager Musikanten

Since 1987 REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS is successfully working in the national and international Showbusiness and has been closely connected with German Schlager from the very beginning.

To complete our Schlager portfolio, we founded our own station Radio Schlager Musikanten in March 2020.

In addition to the popular "Schlager Mix" special programs entertain you: 20-40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 80s NDW Schlager, 90s, Country Schlager, Schlager Ostalgie, Schlager Pop, (W)Rap To Go, Schlager Sieger, Party Schlager, the Volkstümliche Schlager Frühschoppen on Sunday, Current Schlager Hits, Schlager Allerlei and Brandneue Schlager - all compiled with much love.



Here you can hear us:

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With "StreamOn" from Deutsche Telekom or "Music Pass" from Vodafone, you can listen to Radio Schlager Musikanten without the streaming traffic being charged to your mobile data volume. It doesn't matter whether Radio Schlager Musikanten is listened to via the player on the website or with the app for iOS or Android.




Our special broadcasts during Advent and Christmas as well as New Year's Eve, Carnival, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day provide additional variety and make Radio Schlager Musikanten your favorite station for German Schlager - all year round and around the clock!

Please let us know your music wishes, which we will gladly fulfill in our program "Schlager Wünsche" Saturdays at 6 pm. This broadcast is then repeated on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Just fill in the form or leave a message on our listener phone.

The popular "Schlager Hitparade" is on Sundays from 3 to 5 p.m. with the "Top 10 of the Week" from our listeners, the three "New Introductions", the "Tip of the Week", "Artist of the Week" and "Oldie of the Week". In the second hour, we play Current German Schlager Hits. This program, which is extremely popular among Schlager fans, is repeated by popular demand Monday through Friday from 6 to 8 pm.

Regular interviews with German Schlager stars and starlets are in preparation.


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Radio Schlager Musikanten
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Schlager Musikanten unterwegs


The Schlager Musikanten Magazine, the 24/7 stations Radio Schlager Musikanten and Schlager Musikanten TV, as well as the own TV show and the tour program "Schlager Musikanten unterwegs" ensure media distribution close to the audience.


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With the music label Reuthers Records, the music publishing company Reuthers Music Publishing, Reuthers Music Production and Reuthers Artist Management we offer artists and authors a musical home and ideal marketing platform.