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Photo Tours Europe / Zugspitze

With the Finger on the Shutter Release on a Round Trip through Europe

A snapshot of beer mug lifting in Munich and fabulous city views in the Mozart city of Salzburg awaits the participants of Reuthers Round Trip through Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France. In order to guarantee variety on the tour, scenic highlights are lined up and of course a visit to the Alps and Lakes of Europe. Some of the largest lakes - such as Lake Constance, Lake Chiemsee and Starnberger See - are on the program. Tip: In the right light the lakes shimmer in a wide variety of blue shades. A sight, where amateur photographers and professional photographers will get their moneys worth.

Please select your Europe Photo Tour:

Europe Alps and Lakes

Alps and Lakes
10 Days

Photo Tour Europe Alps and Lakes

Europe Alps Glow

Alps Glow
6 Days

Photo Tour Europe Alps Glow

Europe Andalusia

8 Days

Photo Tour Europe Andalusia

Europe Baltic States

Baltic States
10 Days

Photo Tour Europe Baltic States

Europe Bella Italia, Italy

Bella Italia
9 Days

Photo Tour Europe Bella Italia, Italy

Europe Berlin-Moscow

20 Days

Photo Tour Europe Berlin-Moscow

Europe Culture Castles

Culture Castles
8 Days

Photo Tour Europe Culture Castles

Europe Ireland

8 Days

Photo Tour Europe Ireland

Europe Lost Places Ruhr

Lost Places Ruhr
6 Days

Photo Tour Europe Lost Places Ruhr

Europe Scotland

8 Days

Photo Tour Europe Scotland

Europe Tuscany

7 Days

Photo Tour Europe Tuscany


A round trip through Europe: Photo opportunities in Spain, Portugal and Italy

In Spain and Portugal on the other hand are more historically significant monuments on the motif list. On the Andalucia tour you can photograph the World Cultural Heritage Site Alhambra. The city castle in Granada was built in the Moorish style. Tip: With the corresponding panoramic function on the camera stunning shots of the historic castle can be made. On the other hand the photos become more colorful in Sevilla. Here the Flamenco is at home. Moreover in some areas on the tour through Andalusia it will be wild. In the Nature Park Coto de Donana where migratory birds become models and the city of Jerez de la Frontera the home of Andalusian horses.

Less wild but rather in the sign of historic city centers and picturesque lakes is the Reuthers Round Trip to Bella Italia. From Florence the professional photographers and amateur photographers take course to the Leonardo da Vinci museum. Of course, the famous tower of Pisa belongs into the photo album from the unique Reuthers Round Trip through Italy. Also worth a shot is the picturesque Tuscany. For those who want to risk more than a look, they should take part in a Reuthers Photo Tour to Tuscany. There, the participants also take a detour to San Gimignano, another Italian town that was designated to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Of to the North of Europe: A Round Trip through Scotland and Ireland

Would you like to lay on a lookout to capture a picture of the Loch Ness monster? Then go on a Round Trip through Scotland with Reuthers. According to popular wisdom Nessie lives in the Scottish Highlands and is looking forward to visits from amateur and professional photographers. For the less patient, the Scottish area can also be enjoyed without the elusive monster. In addition, the Round Trip is dedicated to the Scottish tradition: The visit to Scottish Castles is as much on the tour schedule as the visit to a Scottish whiskey distillery.

Dublin, Cork and Belfast are the three largest cities in the country - and of course a fixed tour component of the Reuthers Round Trip through Ireland. But the cities are totally different: Cork is a city with culture and received some years ago the award as a European City of Culture. Dublin is still known today as the home of Guinness and Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland.

>>> All Reuthers Photo Tours convey the peculiarities of landscape photography and portrait photography with corresponding motifs. You learn more about the look for graphic accents and different perspectives as well as the use of different focal lengths. Finally, it is subtleties that lead to an individual photograph. For early risers we have the sunrise in the program - for night owls the sunset. And, of course, we will discuss the photo shoots of the participants in the tour group and award the best photo at the end of a Reuthers Photo Tour <<<


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