Bus Tours New Zealand

Bus Tours New Zealand

New Zealand Round Trip: Eleven tours lead through the country of the Maori

New Zealand stands for fantastic scenery beginning with the fjords on to rich forests and snowy glaciers. Culturally, the country is dominated by its discoverers: the Maori. Those who want to walk in the footsteps of the Maori of New Zealand should put Paihia on their tour program. In the district of Waitangi the contract with the same name was signed that made New Zealand a British colony. The deal, which should have left the Maori land and possessions, was in retrospect anything but uncontroversial. In the Waitangi Tribunal, all inconsistencies were clarified.

The sights of the country bear the signature of the Maori

Even Cape Reinga, the northernmost point of New Zealand, is characterized by a Maori interpretation: The place in which today a lighthouse stands is also the place from which the souls of the dead persons descend into the underworld. So is a legend of the Maori. Also in the sign of New Zealand's indigenous people is the visit to Tamaki Village - within the Reuthers New Zealand Round Trip. Maori dances and chants take the participants to the spiritual and moving world of the indigenous people of New Zealand.

The Maori name for the National Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa in translation means "The place for the treasures of the country". So it is obvious that during a visit to Wellington a visit to the National Museum tour is on the schedule of the Reuthers New Zealand Round Trip. Background: The country of origin of the Maori is following their mythology Hawaiki. However, it is still unclear whether this island really exists and - what it is called today

New Zealand Round Trip - On which tour will you visit the Maori?

Participants of the bus tours through New Zealand have a difficult choice. Which island should be visited? Reuthers has designed two large routes for New Zealand: the Paradise Tour and the Highlights Tour). Those who decide to explore the North and South Island, separated from each other, are recommended to take the individual tours in the North (North Island, Northlands, Northern) and the South (South Island, Southern). In addition, the Coastal, Auckland, Discover and Nature Tour offer what their name promises.

Which Reuthers Bus Tour through New Zealand are you joining?

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