Adventure Tours Australia

Adventure Tours Australia

Travelling in small travel group and minibus through Australia

Get in and enjoy! On the Reuthers Adventure Tours through Australia, one thing is in the midpoint above all: Country, people, culture and nature. Of course, part of a tour of Australia is a visit the world famous Opera House in Sydney. The imposing landmark of the city is well known to everyone - and as much visited, because it attracts several million visitors yearly to the architecturally interesting structure. Next to the classic tourist attractions, the Reuthers dream tours offer above all one thing: a lot of surprises. A visit to Sydney is one thing, a harbor cruise with dinner on board turns the Australia Round Trip into a dream trip.

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Australia Best Of

Best Of
18 Days

Adventure Tour Australia Best Of

Australia Down Under

Down Under
12 Days

Adventure Tour Australia Down Under


Even more water awaits the visitors on the Australian island of Tasmania. The ferry docks in the harbor of Devonport. Now the participants of the Reuthers Australia Round Trip can experience up close the unique nature of the fifth continent. Many areas are already recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After all the Tasmanian wilderness is one of the endangered rainforest existences of the world.

On a Australia Round Trip a visit to a protected Animal Kingdom and Plant Life

The Franklin Gordon Wild Rivers National Park lives up to its name. The Franklin and Gordon River meet there. Only one way leads through the park. If the participants of the Reuthers Australia round trip follow this path, they will walk formally in the footsteps of the Aborigenes. Once they were the only inhabitants of the now protected Tasmanian wilderness. What can you experience? An impressive landscape of mountains, gorges, rain forests and river valleys - and typically Australian animals such as kangaroos and wombats.


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