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Explore Australia and it's seventh state of Tasmania
On this rental car round trip through Australia, you will discover in 17 days all the highlights the fascinating continent Down Under has to offer, including the Tasmanian Island. Your round trip through Australia starts in the metropolis Melbourne in the south east of the country. When you pick up your rental car you will first head west to the famous Great Ocean Road, one of Australia's natural wonders. Overnight stays in Port Campbell and Portland will give you enough time to explore the Great Ocean Road in detail before you continue on to Ballarat, where the reconstructed gold mine village Sovereign Hill takes you away into the time of the gold rush in the 19th century. Your round trip through Australia leads you next to the Murray River, the longest river of Australia, on which you will take a tour with an old steam ship, before you have the opportunity for a wine tasting in the wine building region of Routherglen. Through Albury, you will reach next the modern capital of Australia, Canberra, before you continue on to Sydney, the probably best known and most beautiful city of the country. Take a harbor cruise, spend a relaxing day at the Bondi Beach or visit a show in the world-famous opera. Continuing on from Sydney your round trip take you back towards Melbourne. This time though you will travel along the pituresque coastal road and the Princess Highway 1. Enjoy the solitude and the magnificent landscape before you reach Melbourne again and cross over with the ferry to the green island Tasmania. A round trip in Australia just isn't complete with a visit to this island, which is famous for its natural beauty. Discover the Tasmanian rain forest on a railroad trip or in the frame of a river cruise on the Gordon River before you continue after an overnight stay in Strahan to Hobart, the island capital. In Hobart, several highlights await you, including the Air Walk in the Tahune Forest where in a height of several meters you can walk through the tree tops. The former prison camp of Port Arthur gives you insights into the rough past of Australia as a British penal colony. Also an encounter with the Tasmanian Devil in the Tasman Devil Park is also part of the program before you return over Swansea and Devonport to Melbourne, where your round trip through Australia ends with the return of your rental car.


The Route for the Rental Car Tours Australia Best Of


The Route:

arrow down Day 1: Melbourne > Port Campbell

Australia Twelve Apostels

While you might have to get used to driving your rental car on the left-hand side of the road, you will find yourself on Great Ocean Road, which takes you to Port Campbell on the first day of your tip. A visit to the Twelve Apostles is a must!

arrow down Day 2: Port Campbell > Portland

Australia Great Ocean Road

You will once again encounter Great Ocean Road today while traveling through Australia via rental car. In Warnabool, you can watch the king of the seas - keep an eye out for whales.

arrow down Day 3: Portland > Ballarat

Australia Sovereign Hill, Ballarat

Today, your journey takes you further into the heart of this beautiful country. The trip to Sovereign Hill is like a journey into the past. The clocks seem to have stopped here. If you want to dig for gold, you will have the opportunity to do so today.

arrow down Day 4: Ballarat > Echuca

Australia Road Trip

On this day, you can explore some of the most beautiful landscapes of Australia. Get to know the vastness of this continent, while you are on your way to Echuca.

arrow down Day 5: Echuca > Albury

Australia Emmylou Murry River Echuca

Emmylou, the historic paddle steamer, invites you to take a very special trip. Ride along Murray River. This is the longest river in Australia!

arrow down Day 6: Albury > Canberra

Australia Government House Canberra

You will be headed for Canberra, the capital of this country. In the Australian government quarter, the spectacular parliament building will wow you.

arrow down Day 7: Canberra > Sydney

Australia Captain Cook Sydney

While Sydney is mistaken for the capital of Australia all the time, you will finally be heading for this spectacular metropolis with your rental car today.

arrow down Day 8: Sydney

Australia Opera House Sydney

Spend a full day in beautiful Sydney and go on an impressive tour of the Royal Opera House, which dominates the skyline of Sydney.

arrow down Day 9: Sydney > Bateman's Bay

Australia Bewong Road House

On many twisty coastal roads, you can put your driving skills to the test. Drop in at Bewong Roadhouse. It is a typical Australian truck stop, where you can buy a refreshment or snack.

arrow down Day 10: Bateman's Bay > Lakes Entrance

Australia Tathra Wharf

You will find yourself on Princess Highway 1 once again as you are heading for Tathra, where you can treat yourself to a delicious dinner at the famous waterfront.

arrow down Day 11: Lakes Entrance > Devonport

Tasmania Ferry Spirit of Tasmania

Be sure to stop by in Melbourne. However, the final destination for today is located in Tasmania. Devonport is where you can get to know a different side of Australia.

arrow down Day 12: Devonport > Strahan

Australia Devonport Tasmania

Today, the Tasmanian rainforest will enchant you with its beauty. Take a train through the rainforest or enjoy a river cruise in the Wild Rivers National Park, for example.

arrow down Day 13: Strahan > Hobart

Tasmania Glen Clyde House

The crystal-clear lakes, which you pass via rental car, are eager to be photographed. You will also find yourself in Hobart, the capital of Tasmania that is known for its elaborate crafts and as the second oldest city in Australia.

arrow down Day 14: Hobart

Tasmania Tahune Forest Australia

Check out the beauty of Tasmania from above. The Air Walk provides you with a breathtaking view of the entire natural park.

arrow down Day 15: Hobart > Swansea

Port Arthur Tasmania, Australia

A former prison camp is the highlight of this day. Take part in a detailed guided tour of Port Arthur and let yourself be surprised.

arrow down Day 16: Swansea > Devonport

Australia, Tasmania

Today, you will be driving back to Devonport. Take Bass Strait back to Melbourne, where you will return your rental car tomorrow.

arrow down Day 17: Melbourne

Colonial Tram Car Restaurant, Melbourne, Australia

In Melbourne you drop off your rental car and return home - or, you simply extend your stay in Australia.

Learn more about this Self Drive Rental Car Tour:

arrow down What's included - Pricing

What's included:
* The Original Tour - developed and organised by Reuthers
* Rental Car - compact class - for the Tour including third party and comprehensive insurance
* Reuthers POMZEC© (Peace Of Mind Zero Excess Coverage) for the rental vehicle
* 14x Accommodation Middleclass Hotels/Motels in shared Double Room
* 2x Accommodation Tasmania Ferry in shared Twin Cabin
* Secured Payment Certificate (Sicherungsschein)
* Reuthers Tour Book with Itineraries and Tips
* Reuthers Travel Lecture (in English)
* Ferry Melbourne > Devonport > Melbourne
* Reuthers Rewards

Please feel free to tell us your individual date!

Driver Rental Car = AUD 4695
Passenger Rental Car = AUD 2545
Twin Room extra charge (2 separate beds instead of 1 common bed) = AUD 185
Single Room extra charge (instead of shared Double Room) = AUD 1205

Optional Bookings:
Additional Accommodation prior tour start in shared Double Room (1 common bed) = AUD 110
Additional Accommodation prior tour start in shared Twin Room (2 separate beds) = AUD 120
Additional Accommodation prior tour start in Single Room = AUD 220
Additional Accommodation after the tour in shared Double Room (1 common bed) = AUD 110
Additional Accommodation after the tour in shared Twin Room (2 separate beds) = AUD 120
Additional Accommodation after the tour in Single Room = AUD 220

All pricing payable in Australia Dollar.
3% Early Bird Discount (booking more than 12 months prior tour start)
2% Golden Ager Discount (age min 60 years prior tour start)
10% Group Discount (from 8 participants, all registrations within one week, common Payment of Balance by Bank Transfer)
Please note: Total Discount max. 10% for Deposit by Credit Card and Payment of Balance by Bank Transfer. No Discount for Deposit and Payment of Balance by Credit Card or by PayPal.

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