Travel Guide Canada

Travel Guide Canada

Please find as follows some useful travel tips for Canada:

History: Canada, the second largest country in the world, has more than 9.9 million square kilometers. However, the sparsely populated Arctic region accounts for a large part of the area. Large cities such as Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal are in the south near the border of the USA. Although France handed its last colonies in the 18th century, over to the United Kingdom, Canada has remained until today bilingual. In the eastern province of Quebec, French is the first language. Canada is independent since 1867, although Queen Elizabeth II is theoretically still the ruling monarch. In 1999, the semi-autonomous province of Nunavut was created, which is ruled by the native Inuit. Canada is one of the strongest economies in the world and has a very modern infrastructure. The western Canadian city of Vancouver on the Pacific is regularly voted on being one of the most livable cities in the world.

Reuthers offers a tour full of highlights to Canada.

The entry conditions are dependent on the country and of the length of stay. More information and application for an Electronic Travel Authorization > eTA. Find out if you need a > Visa. A passport with sufficient space for entry and exit stamps is mandatory.

On this page you find > country-specific customs regulations.

Anyone who travels to Canada, should check their vaccination record and compare it with the > recommendations of the World Health Organization. Those who need a doctor or medical services locally, must usually pay the bill immediately. The acquisition of a travel insurance is recommended.

The most important > Canadian traffic regulations.

Here you find the > emergency numbers in Canada

The climate of Canada is difficult to described with a word, because in this country there are regions with polar climate, as well as with maritime, continental and chilly temperate climate. More information on > weather and climate in Canada.

With a view to electricity and technology in the country: The voltage is 120 volts. Reuthers recommends to bring along suitable adapters to be able to enjoy the tour without searching for an adapter. Those who wish to avoid expensive roaming charges abroad, can rely on a prepaid SIM card. These can be bought at the airport and in supermarkets > International Dialing Codes.

Currency: In Canada you pay in "Canada Dollar". Although credit cards which are valid for longer than six months are easily accepted, Reuthers recommends to also bring cash.

Please note: All information subject to change.

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