Travel Guide USA

Travel Guide USA

Please find as follows some useful travel tips for the USA:

History: From the romantic landscapes of New England in the northeast to the great east coast cities of New York, Washington and Philadelphia, to the palm-fringed beaches of Florida, from the endless expanses of prairies in the west to the sunny shores of California: The United States of America covers 9.83 million square kilometers, including the states Alaska in the north and the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific. Unlike many former British colonies, which to this day are connected to the UK by the Commonwealth, the United States declared their independence in 1776 and extended their territory since then from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. Today the United States is generally considered to be one of the most important economic and military powers in the world. American music and Hollywood movies ensure that the image of the "American Dream" is spread throughout the world.

Reuthers has ten US Tours in their program.

The entry conditions are dependent on the country and of the length of stay. It is possible to enter the USA without a visa from nearly 40 countries - but for this the > ESTA process ("Electronic System for Travel Authorization") must be completed. A passport with sufficient space for entry and exit stamps is mandatory.

What you need to know before you visit the USA > Know before you visit.

Anyone who travels to the USA, should check their vaccination record and compare it with the recommendations of the World Health Organization. A foreign health insurance is always recommended.

The most important > traffic regulations in the USA.

Emergency Number USA: With dialing “911” in the USA, you are placing an emergency call.

The climate in the United States is characterized by versatility. On the border to Canada is a continental climate, which expands to a continental belt from coast to coast. Ther is a tropical climate in the south-east of the country, in Florida it is even tropical. Mediterranean climate in California and in Alaska artic temperatures prevail. On the island chain of Hawaii theret is a mostly tropically warm and humid climate. More information about > climate in the USA.

With a view to electricity and technology in the USA: The voltage is 120 volts. Reuthers recommends bringing appropriate adapters from home in order to operate your own devices. Those who wish to avoid expensive roaming charges abroad, can rely on a prepaid SIM card. This can be bought in supermarkets > International Dialing Codes.

Currency: In the USA you pay in "US Dollar". Credit cards that are valid for more than six months are accepted and are even necessary in many places in order to pay. The Reuthers recommendation is however is to also bring cash.

Please note: All information subject to change.

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