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Please find as follows some useful travel tips for Australia:

History: For more than 40,000 years, the Aboriginal people lived undisturbed on their secluded continent until Australia was discovered in 1606 by Dutch explorers. However, the Dutch could not do much with the harsh, dry land, leaving it to the British who in 1788 banished prisoners to the Australian exile. The prisoners was soon joined by regular immigrants, and 1901, the formerly independent British colonies were grouped together to the Commonwealth of Australia. Even today, Queen Elizabeth II is the official head of the state of Australia. A large part of the population lives in the metropolitan regions on Australia’s east coast Melbourne and Sydney, as well as along the Gold Coast.

Reuthers has two tours to Australia in their program.

The entry conditions are dependent on the country and of the length of stay. Please find current information on > visa requirements. A passport with sufficient space for entry and exit stamps is mandatory. On this page Australia specifies > country-specific customs regulations.

Anyone who travels to Australia, should check their vaccination record and compare it with the > recommendations of the World Health Organization. Those who need doctors or medical services locally, must usually pay the bill immediately. A foreign health insurance is always recommended.

Please find the most important > Australia traffic rules, rules for drivers licenses and speed limits.

Emergency Numbers in Australia: With "000" you alert the fire department, ambulance and police.

The climate in Australia is divided into four zones. In the tropical north the temperatures of the summer months (December, January, February) are between 23 and 32 degrees Celsius, the winters are dry. In the semitropical south it is “cold” in July approx. 12 degrees Celsius, in January and February the temperature climbs to 22 degrees Celsius. The dry center is subject to temperature fluctuations of 40 degrees Celsius during the day. In Tasmania there is a temperate climate. For more information > weather and climate in Australia.

With a view to electricity and technology in the country: The voltage is 230 volts. Reuthers recommends bringing a fitting adapter. Those who wish to avoid expensive roaming charges abroad, can rely on a prepaid SIM card. These are available at the airport > International Dialing Codes.

Currency: In Australia payments are made in "Australia Dollar". Credit cards, which are valid for longer than six months, will be easily accepted. The Reuthers recommendation is however is to also bring cash.

Please note: All information subject to change.

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