Travel Guide New Zealand

Travel Guide New Zealand

Please find as follows some useful travel tips for New Zealand:

History: For a long time it was quiet around the island nation of New Zealand. Only a few backpackers, hikers and motorcyclists recognized the unique natural beauty of the country. But since the New Zealand director Peter Jackson filmed the "Lord of the Rings" novels in New Zealand, the quiet is over. Worldwide known today are the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand with snowy mountains, endless forests and deep blue lakes. Like the “neighbor” Australia, which is 1500 kilometers away at the closest point, New Zealand was also for a long time a British colony and now belongs to Commonwealth with Queen Elizabeth II. as the official head of state. The culture of the indigenous Maori is maintained in New Zealand and treated with much respect.

Reuthers offers more than ten different tour concepts to New Zealand: The Paradise Tour includes all the highlights of the country.

The entry conditions are dependent on the country and of the length of stay > current information on visa requirements. A passport with sufficient space for entry and exit stamps is mandatory. New Zealand specifies > country-specific customs regulations.

Anyone who travels to New Zealand, should check their vaccination record and compare it with the recommendations of the World Health Organization. Whoever needs medical treatments locally, must pay in cash. Taking out a travel health insurance with a return insurance is therefore recommended in any case.

Traffic: In New Zealand the traffic is on the left side of the road. It is mandatory to have either an "International Driving Permit" or an approved translation to English if a person's licence is not in English. Please make sure to get familiar with the rules > Driving in New Zealand as well as answer the helpful >Tourist & visitor driving theory quiz afterwards. For more information > Traffic in New Zealand and we also invite you to check out > a website that features tips on driving in New Zealand.

Emergency Numbers: The police can be reached under 911 or 112. Fire department, ambulance and police can be reached with 111.

And how is the weather in New Zealand? Summer in New Zealand is from December to February, winter from June to August. Mild temperatures, abundant sunshine and moderate rains are characteristic for the climate of New Zealand. For more information about the > weather in New Zealand.

With a view to electricity and technology in New Zealand: The voltage is 230/240 volts. Reuthers recommends to bring along suitable adapters to be able to enjoy the tour without searching for an adapter. In order to stay in touch with the folks back home during your New Zealand tour, it is recommended to buy a CallCard. These can be bought at the airport and at gas stations > International Dialing Codes.

Currency: In New Zealand you pay in "New Zealand Dollar". Although credit cards which are valid for longer than six months are easily accepted, it is recommended to also bring cash from home.

Please note: All information subject to change.

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