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Bluegrass Wonders - a Self Drive motorcycle tour where you travel through the Southern States Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina as well as close to Kentucky and Sweet home Alabama. See the flowering landscapes from the film "Gone with the wind" - the endless cotton fields and the beautiful Southern State houses with their avenues. Experience the Smoky Mountains National Park and cruise on two of the most breathtaking roads of this world - the Tail of the Dragon and the Blue Ridge Parkway in the saddle of a Harley-Davidson. Combined with a visit to the home and museum of Elvis Presley, Graceland, the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, the Chattanooga Choo Choo railway museum and hotel as well as a visit to the Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchburg, this Self Drive motorcycle tour by Reuthers once again sets standards.


The Route for the Bluegrass Wonders Motorcycle Tour


The Route:

arrow down Day 1: Atlanta


Welcome to Atlanta, the capital of the US State Georgia. Enjoy the evening before your tour starts on the next morning.

arrow down Day 2: Atlanta > Maryville

Bluegrass Wonders

After picking up your Harley-Davidson rental motorcycle in the morning, you are heading to your first hotel in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee - in style for getting the feel of the Southern States.

arrow down Day 3: Maryville > Boone

Smoky Mountains National Park

Your road trip continues through the Smoky Mountains National Park. You should stop at Dave Crockett's Birthplace State Park, where you will find out more about the hunter, politician, businessman and the legendary hero. You spend the night in Boone.

arrow down Day 4: Boone > Asheville

Biltmore Estate

On the Blue Ridge Parkway, you will pass by Little Switzerland in the western mountains of North Carolina. Afterwards you should visit Biltmore Estate, built by George Vanderbilt as a place to escape everyday life. You will spend the night in the town of Asheville.

arrow down Day 5: Asheville > Maryville

Tail of the Dragon

Highlight of the day is the world-famous piece of the US129 in the Smoky Mountains - best known as the "Tail of the Dragon". With 318 curves in 11 miles, it is a must for every motorcyclist.

arrow down Day 6: Maryville > Chattanooga

Chattanooga Choo Choo

Today you head towards the historic Chattanooga Choo Choo hotel with its Tennessee Valley Railway Museum. If possible, you will spend the night in style in this unique hotel.

arrow down Day 7: Chattanooga > Lawrenceburg

Jack Daniels Distillery

On today's program you will find the town of Lynchburg in Tennessee with its 5,200 residents. Pictures of the town show old men with weathered faces sitting in the sun, playing cards and waiting. Waiting for the whiskey to mature in the large casks in the warehouse behind them and then to be filled in bottles. Lynchburg has become world famous through the Jack Daniel's Distillery. In an extensive tour of the distillery, you are able to learn more about the national drink of the Southern States.

arrow down Day 8: Lawrenceburg > Memphis

Elvis Presley, Memphis

You will stay in Tennessee and cruise into the metropolis of the classic Southern States, to Memphis. The city greatly contributed to the development of the blues, soul and rock'n' roll.

arrow down Day 9: Memphis

Elvis Presley Graceland

One of the most famous symbols in America is certainly Elvis Presley's Graceland in Memphis. You should take part in an unforgettable sightseeing tour that tells you about Elvis' life, his music, his love for cars and of course Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Even after 35 years it is sure for many that Elvis still is the King. Those who want to tape a record like Elvis himself will have the opportunity to do so at Sun Records in the Beal Street.

arrow down Day 10: Memphis > Nashville

Grand Ole Opry, Nashville

Your Harley motorcycle tour takes you through blossoming country sides of the Southern States to the Cumberland River and to the capital of Tennessee, to Nashville. At the Grand Ole Opry you should take part in a backstage tour of all the 18 wardrobes and, if possible, in a live radio show with legends, new stars and superstars of country music.

arrow down Day 11: Nashville > Atlanta

66 Tennessie

On your last day "on the road", you head back to Atlanta where you will drop off your Harley-Davidson rental motorcycle.

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What's included:
* The Original Tour - developed and organised by Reuthers
* Rental Motorcycle for the Tour including third party and comprehensive insurance
* Reuthers POMZEC© (Peace Of Mind Zero Excess Coverage) for the rental vehicle
* 11x Accommodation Middleclass Hotels/Motels in shared Double Room
* Secured Payment Certificate (Sicherungsschein)
* Reuthers Tour Book with Itineraries and Tips
* Reuthers Travel Lecture (in English)
* Reuthers Rewards
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Self Drive: Rider own Motorcycle = USD 1195
Self Drive: Rider Rental Motorcycle = USD 2745
Self Drive: Passenger Motorcycle = USD 1195
Twin Room extra charge (2 separate beds instead of 1 common bed) = USD 145
Single Room extra charge (instead of shared Double Room) = USD 515

Optional Bookings:
Additional Accommodation prior tour start in shared Double Room (1 common bed) = USD 80
Additional Accommodation prior tour start in shared Twin Room (2 separate beds) = USD 90
Additional Accommodation prior tour start in Single Room = USD 160
Additional Accommodation after the tour in shared Double Room (1 common bed) = USD 80
Additional Accommodation after the tour in shared Twin Room (2 separate beds) = USD 90
Additional Accommodation after the tour in Single Room = USD 160

All pricing payable in US Dollar.
3% Early Bird Discount (booking more than 12 months prior tour start)
2% Golden Ager Discount (age at least 60 years prior tour start)
10% Group Discount (from 8 registrations made within one week, one common Payment of Balance)
2% Harley Owners Group Discount
2% BMW Motorcycle Owners Club Discount
2% Indian Motorcycle Riders Group Discount
2% Riders Association of Triumph Discount
Please note: The Total Discount for all applicable Discounts is a maximum of 10%.

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