Route 66 Tours

Route 66 Tours

USA Tour: Follow the song - on the famous Route 66

What do Nat King Cole, Chuck Berry and the Rolling Stones have in common? They all sang a hymn - of the famous Route 66. "Get your kicks on Route 66," they demand in their song - and Reuthers took exactly this oppurtunity to prepare two USA round trips along the famous American cult route, Route 66.

The USA round trip along the Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica lasts 15 days - a true dream tour. The participants of the Kicks Tour cover a similar route on the way from Chicago to Santa Monica in 12 days. And of course, the stops in the popular song serve as a daily target on the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Tours, Bus Tours and Photo Tours.

On the USA Round Trip: A view into the history of the Route 66

The Route 66 is one of the first paved roads to the West Coast of the United States. Also because of this historical significance and the fact that the Route 66 was for many farmers from the Midwest an escape route to the coast, it became a well-known symbol of the USA. This also explains why the tour from east to west is a true historical direction, which is of course driven that way on Reuthers USA round trips. And of course the many sights along the way are in all cases worth a visit.

Two Reuthers USA Tours lead along the Route 66

The famous Route 66 travels through eight states. The starting point of the USA round trip is Chicago in Illionois. Afterwards the group sets course for St. Louis in Missouri, followed by Oklahoma City in Oklahoma and Amarillo in Texas. Through Albuquerque and Gallup, both are in the state New Mexico, the route leads to Flagstaff and Kingman in Arizona to California. There they pass through the cities Needles, Barstow and Los Angeles before the end of the Route 66 is reached in Santa Monica.

Please choose from the following tours:

> Motorcycle Tour Route 66 Dream - 15 Days
> Motorcycle Tour Route 66 Kicks - 12 Days
> Photo Tour Route 66 Dream - 15 Days
> Photo Tour Route 66 Kicks - 12 Days
> Bus Tour Route 66 Dream - 15 Days
> Bus Tour Route 66 Kicks - 12 Days

Granted, the Route 66 is probably the first thing you think of when you think of a USA trip, but the land of opportunities has much more to offer. Reuthers has in addition to the Route 66 round trip other tours through the USA in their tour program. Sunbathers are advised to take a Florida round trip. But a visit to the stunning National Parks or a trip along the historic Pony Express is truly a must as a part of a USA round trip.

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