Florida Tours

Florida Tours

Experience the famous second side on the Florida Round Trip

One rarely finds the Sunshine State Florida as a tour highlight on USA round trips. Why? Because the Sunshine State is worth a trip of its own. Of course one associates with Florida primarily one thing: sandy beaches lined with palm trees. Yet on a Florida round trip you will experience more than Miami and Key West. Besides, the Reuthers team has cleverly designed routes and true insider's tips ready for you. On a Motorcycle Tour, a Bus Tour or a Photo Tour through the Sunshine State in the southeast of the USA you can look behind the scenes - and enjoy your unique vacation in Florida as a participant of a legendary Reuthers tour.

Going on a Florida round trip with Reuthers means: USA vacation of the extra class

What awaits you? Dancing mermaids in Weeki Wachee, a side trip to Ocala, the horse capital of the world, and a visit to the John F. Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island in Florida. Of course dreamy and beautiful sandy beaches are an fixed component on the route. A day destination for example is the famous Daytona Beach that is well known for the nearby race track and makes a stir with their annual Spring Break parties.

With Reuthers on a Florida Round Trip

Anybody can tour the Sunshine State. Yet only with the Reuthers team, does a Florida Tour become a unique experience. Because no matter if on a motorbike or bus - with the legendary Reuthers tours regional highlights and insider knowledge merge together. So the highlights of the Sunshine Route are not only Miami and Key West but also Fort Myers, Naples and Saint Augustine. Somewhat shorter but just as exciting is the trip on the History Route.

Please choose from the following tours:

> Motorcycle Tour Florida Sunshine - 11 Days
> Motorcycle Tour Florida History - 8 Days
> Photo Tour Florida Sunshine - 11 Days
> Photo Tour Florida History - 8 Days
> Bus Tour Florida Sunshine - 11 Days
> Bus Tour Florida History - 8 Days

Reuthers has in addition to the Florida Tours other tours through the USA in their tour program. A must be for every USA fan is a visit to the Route 66. But a visit to the West Coast, a tour of the National Parks and the historic Pony Express are also worth a trip with the Reuthers team.

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