Hermann the German

Hello Folks,

the nickname "Hermann the German" was given to me by Angel Delgadillo, the famous barber and founder of the Route 66 association in Seligman, Arizona, when I visited him in 1997 on my first of many Route 66 Tours.

Since starting with exclusive Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Tours in 1997 my company expanded our dream tours program to the USA / America (Route 66, Florida, Highway 1, Bluegrass Wonders, Best Of West, Wild West, Pony Express, National Parks), to the Paradise of New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada and Europe (Alps + Lakes, Andalusia, Bella Italia, Ireland, Scotland, Norway and Tuscany).

Many more countries are on the plan and we keep you updated.

Please note:

"There is no better way of seeing the world than on a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle" (Kenneth Lewis) and I totally agree with Kenneth, who has been one of our tour participants in New Zealand.

Ride Safe And Have Fun,
Yours, Hermann Reuther - better known as"Hermann the German"