Catering / Personnel

Catering Team

Friendly personnel, that enjoy their jobs and can skillfully master their tasks, is the guarantee that your event will be a success.

The specialists selected by us were instructed in the most varied services areas.

Reuthers Head waiter

Reuthers Cleaning staff

Reuthers Project leader

Reuthers Tent master

Reuthers Bartender

Reuthers Chef

Reuthers Patisseur

Reuthers Grill chef

Reuthers Dish washer

Reuthers Service personnel

Reuthers Lavatory attendant

Reuthers Barkeeper

Reuthers Waiter

Reuthers Scenery builder

Reuthers Assembly technician

Reuthers Truck driver

Reuthers Electrician

Reuthers Kitchen help

Reuthers Transportation worker

Reuthers Sanitary plumber