Catering / Equipment

Catering Ausstattung

"The background at your event". While you attend to your guests, we will do EVERYTHING to remain unseen!

Kitchenware in all sizes

refrigerators, hot air ovens, deep fryers, juice presses and potato scrapers

Canteen kitchen systems

shelves, sinks, warmer cabinets, refrigerator systems, cooling rooms, Multi-purpose kitchen machines, that can be adapted to all needs: time-saving and useful helpers that, cut, grate, shred, mix and mince

Grilling devices

from lava stone grill to the oxgrill

Coffee machine

China tableware, coffee dishes, cutlery and glasses all suitable to the occasion

Table linen and cloth napkins

all other necessary items of equipment starting with the juice carafe to the bread basket, even a giant frying pan is available.

Dining tables

in the most varied forms (round, angular and bistro tables) are also available, as well as Bar tables Drink bar, coffeebar, chairs - of course available with seat pillows in the color of your company

Market stands, wardrobe and bar counters

in all varieties

Buffet substructures


in all sizes and forms

Information counters

Partitions and parasols

in the color of your company with integrated company logo


- Also the correct subsurface is important, for who wants to hit a dance floor that is made out of concrete...

- We offer parquet elements, wooden floor plates, artificial lawn and carpets in all colors and designs...

- Changing facilities and vanities set up for the entertainment program arranged by us so that your event will be an unforgettable experience!