Reuthers simplifies its bonus program:
"Tours & More" is now called "Reuthers Rewards"

Reuthers Rewards

Press Release / Coburg, 22 April 2016

From breathtaking events, premium motorcycle tours on a Harley-Davidson or worldwide dream tours, Hermann Reuther, the President of REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS, sees the complete satisfaction of his clients as a personal challenge and has turned the loyalty program which was called "Tours & More", into an even more attractive offer.

From now on, Reuthers clients are able to earn Reuthers Rewards with every event or travel booking for an additional discount. Reuthers Rewards, which are equal to the booking total on the day of the booking in Euros, are automatically credited to the clients account.

The bonus program consists of the following discount levels:

From 5,000 Reuthers Rewards = 2% discount (off regular prices)
From 10,000 Reuthers Rewards = 3% discount (off regular prices)
From 15,000 Reuthers Rewards = 4% discount (off regular prices)
From 20,000 Reuthers Rewards = 5% discount (off regular prices)

As early as the second booking, Reuthers Rewards can be redeemed and the clients choose how many Reuthers Rewards they would like to trade in for what discount. Reuthers Rewards can even be shared with family members.

For the most loyal clients there is even a special award - the so-called "Lifetime Status", where the client benefits of a lifelong 10% discount on all bookings at Reuthers.

Thus, the Reuthers loyalty rewards program is also setting entirely new standards.

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