Zach Davis

Zach Davis

After studying Business Administration in Cologne and being a Human Resources Consultant with KPMG Consulting, Zach founded the training institute peoplebuilding in January 2003. Since 2007 Zach Davis is listed in the directory “who is who in Germany,” which portrays public personalities who have shown outstanding personal and professional achievement > Video Zach Davis

As a trainer, speaker and bestselling author the media frequently refer to Zach Davis as one of the most successful of his genre in Germany. He has developed immediately implementable step-by-step systems in 2 core areas:

* PoweReading®: doubles reading speed at same level of comprehension
* The Effectiveness Code©: from time management to time intelligence

What do clients appreciate about Zach Davis?

* He loves and lives the content he delivers
* Strongly interactive, dynamic and personable training style
* Clarity, simplicity und practicability
* Native speaker of English and German
* Money-Back-Guarantee on all his engagements and products

Zach Davis is booked for speaking engagement at many different events and interviewed on personal effectiveness. He has been appointed teaching positions at several universities and is the author of numerous products (German Language).

More than ”just“ a trainer and coach

Zach Davis is the author of the following products:

* Bestselling book “PoweReading®“, 5th edition (reading efficiency)
* Video-DVD “PoweReading®-Automatic-Trainer“ (reading efficiency)
* Audio-CD “PoweReading®-Nachhaltigkeits-Trainer” (reading efficiency)
* Video-CD „Power-Brain“ (memory improvement)
* Video-DVD “The Effectiveness-Code©” (time intelligence; lasting effectiveness)
* 8-part audio series “The Effectiveness-Code©” (lasting effectiveness)
* 1-year-program “The Effectiveness-Code©” (changing habits)
* Booklet “Top or flop in training and human resources development”
* Multiauthor-book “WHY – 22 questions answered by top-speakers”

The Lecture: From Time Management to Time Intelligence

Do these situations seem familiar? You just keep being interrupted. There is one acute problem after another, and all need to be solved. Your life is dictated by others more and more. The amount of work never ceases to increase. Your level of stress is significantly higher than it once was. It is difficult to find a healthy work-life balance. In this day and age such a description is not the exception but rather the norm.

The world has changed. It is more complex and much faster-paced than it used to be. New communication technologies have changed the business world entirely, and the demands have risen considerably. Unfortunately, most time management approaches have not grown proportionally. Exactly that is what “time intelligence” sets out to change.

This seminar is not about superficial or minimal changes that are usually forgotten a few days later but rather proven principle with a broad application. With these 3 building blocks you will save time and frustrations and enhance your personal development as an added benefit.

Interruptions and demands of others

* The most important hour of the week
* How to „educate“ your colleagues and clients
* Keep the right to plan your own time
* Trap of reachability vs. service orientation
* Escape through „preliminary information“

Self Management

* Planning that really works
* Pursuing the important
* Remaining a good overview when it gets hectic
* Meet all important demands
* Less necessity to put out fires
* Stress reduction

Mastering the flood of information

* Dealing with emails efficiently
* Outlook as your center of organisation
* Saving lots of time when using your computer

Zach Davis is an innovative trainer, speaker and author for personal effectiveness“, Magazine Bankfachklasse

Zach Davis is the author of the audio series „The Effectiveness-Code,“ the video-DVD „Getting more done in less time“ as well as the one-year-program for lasting changes in habit patterns.

The Training: PoweReading® – doubles reading speed. Guaranteed!

This training is a proven step-by-step system to dramatically increase your reading speed at the same level of comprehension. The system is based on using the natural strengths of your eyes and memory as well as increasing your capacity to process written information.

A scientific study analyzing this training proves: On average, 1378 participants increased their reading speed by 124.5 % at a 4 % higher level of comprehension. Regular measurements of both speed and comprehension make your progress transparent.

In addition, participants will be introduced to a brain-friendly method of organizing information that saves time when taking notes and when reviewing them, while increasing retention as well. Participants also get to discover some of the secrets of leading memory artists.


* Measuring where you are: speed & comprehension
* Eliminating speed blockers
* Gaining better eye control
* Expanding your focus span
* Improving your concentration
* Even enjoying abstract content
* Goal-oriented filtering of relevant information
* Techniques for different types of texts
* Long-term retention of information

Participant Feedback:

„Makes it much easier to deal with huge amounts of information!“
Patrick Schmidt, Lawyer Banking & Finance, Clifford Chance

„An extremely powerful survival tool during my MBA!“
Anne Keibel, Human Resources Consultant, Adecco.

Target Group

Any executives and any persons who spend a significant part of their time reading and would like process more information in less time.

Zach Davis authored the bestselling book „PoweReading®“ (currently in 5th edition), the „PoweReading®-Automatic-Trainer“ and the video-CD „Power-Brain“ (German language)

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