With a Vespa Scooter on a trip through Tuscany:
Reuthers has designed a unique Italy tour with the cult two-wheeler

With a Vespa Scooter on a trip through Tuscany

Press Release / Coburg, May 4, 2015

The Reuthers team is pretty much at home on two wheels, because in the product portfolio of the Reuthers World of Enjoyment, there are motorbike tours in almost all countries. As much as a Harley-Davidson fits to the USA, it is hard to imagine the Italian Tuscany without a chic Vespa scooter. Reason enough for the designer of unique country tours, to plan a six-day Vespa tour through Italy.

Starting point is of course the capitol of Tuscany: Florence. In addition to the original Vespa feeling the Reuthers scooter trip through Tuscany is also full of Italian attractions and a visit to the culture and the nature of the country and of course, well-known attractions are also part of the program.

The Leonardo da Vinci Museum, the Parco di Pinocchio, the city walls of Lucca and the much sung about Copacabana are the most important route highlights as well as the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Tuscan countryside with cypress and olive groves. Curves belong to Tuscany too and they can be experienced on the Vespa scooter with an original Italian flair.

Secure a 100 Euro voucher for the tour launch

Already in August the first Reuthers Vespa scooters will be cruising through Tuscany. Reason enough for Reuthers to reward those who make the new Reuthers tour known. That's why there's currently a voucher campaign on Facebook: Anyone who gives the Vespa Scooter Tour a "like" will receive a 100 Euro voucher for a Vespa Scooter Tuscany Tour in 2015. You will cruise along on a Vespa 125, which can be driven with every driver's license.



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