"Suesse 17 und ein rotes Sommerkleid": Teddy Herz sings summer song with SambaBeat

Suesse 17 und ein rotes Sommerkleid: Teddy Herz sings summer song with SambaBeat

Press Release / Coburg, 2 July 2021

Providing a good mood with youthful charm and sweet music - with it the German schlager singer and entertainer Teddy Herz surprises and inspires again and again its generation-spreading audience.

Summer, sun, summer song

Just in time for the summer of 2021, "Suesse 17 und ein rotes Sommerkleid" ("Sweet 17 and a red summer dress"), the new, now 10th single by Teddy Herz, is released. A casually light SambaBeat, a cheeky saxophone and the sympathetic voice of the singer reliably provide summer feeling.

The composition was written by Christian Bruhn

"Suesse 17 und ein rotes Sommerkleid" was composed by Christian Bruhn, who wrote many hits for Drafi Deutscher in the 60s, including the cult schlager "Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht" (Marble, stone and iron breaks) and the world hit "Heidi".

"Because he liked my new recordings of "Der Hauptmann von Koepenick" (The captain of Koepenick) and the cult schlager "Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht" so much, I asked Christian Bruhn if he might still have an unpublished song in his drawer that was intended for Drafi Deutscher at the time," says Teddy Herz. "No, but I would like to write a new song for you" was Christian Bruhn's spontaneous answer. And so "Suesse 17 und ein rotes Sommerkleid" was created, "a song that is written just for me," Teddy Herz is pleased to say.

By the way, the lyrics, which are about a childhood love, were written by the "Woerle Brothers," Georg and Walter Woerle, in whose Musicland recording studio the production also took place.

"Suesse 17 und ein rotes Sommerkleid" is released like all previous releases of Teddy Herz on the music label Reuthers Records, which specializes in German Schlager. The single is available from 2 July 2021 at all download stores and streaming services - the current album "Welche Farbe hat die Welt" (What color is the world) and the family album "Weihnachten mit Teddy Herz" (Christmas with Teddy Herz) of course also as a CD in specialized stores and online stores.


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