Reuthers starts station for German Schlager:
Radio "Schlager Musikanten" goes on air

Reuthers starts station for German Schlager: Radio Schlager Musikanten goes on air

Press Release / Coburg, 2 April 2020

To the delight of lovers of German Schlager - of which there are more and more - the company REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS, which has been closely associated with German Schlager since 1987, has decided to establish its own radio station in addition to its own artist management, music publishing company and the music label founded last year.

Since Monday, 23 March 2020 Radio "Schlager Musikanten" broadcasts current German Schlager and Evergreens around the clock in Germany and completes the portfolio of the "Reuthers World Of Enjoyment".

The music program "Schlager Evergreens" with popular songs from the last 70 years will be completed by shows like "Schlager Aktuell" (current Schlager and new releases), "Schlager Ostalgie" (popular German Schlager from the former GDR) and with popular songs from the 50s, 60s and 70s and the New German Wave of the 80s. The program "Schlager Wünsche" (Schlager Wishes) fulfills the wishes of listeners - here, everyone can simply wish for their favorite song.

Weekly "Interviews" with stars and starlets of German Schlager are already being prepared for the near future, and the listeners' votes in the online voting ensure that the programme is placed in the "Schlager Hitparade".

By the way, the name Radio "Schlager Musikanten" was chosen for a good reason - after all, "Schlager Musikanten" is also the name for the Reuthers Booking Portal for singers and groups as well as for upcoming live tour events and sampler albums on the Reuthers Records music label.

Further information can be found on the website of Radio "Schlager Musikanten".


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