Closely connected to the German Schlager: REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS and the Schlager Musikanten Magazine

Dem Deutschen Schlager eng verbunden: REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS und das Schlager Musikanten Magazin

Press Release / Coburg, 3 January 2022

When REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS was founded in 1987 - 35 years ago - everything in the artist agency at that time already revolved around the German Schlager.

Well-known German Schlager singers performed for a wide variety of events. Performances and tours in dance halls as well as discotheques with Andy Borg, Kristina Bach, Claudia Jung, Chris Wolff, Bernhard Brink, among others, were the main focus of the artist agency in the first years, which was able to establish itself firmly in the German Schlager scene within a very short time. Thanks to innovative ideas and perfect implementation - several organized industry meetings underlined the popularity of the agency.

German Schlager Events in East and West

Even though there was still an inner-German border at that time, Western German Schlager singers were always warmly welcomed by the grateful audience in the former German Democratic Republic. And so REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS, in cooperation with the "Artists Agency of the German Democratic Republic", arranged several events in this part of Germany as well, especially for the Duo California ("Wenn die Sehnsucht Deinen Namen nennt"), which performed there together with other stars such as Gaby Baginsky and Erik Silvester.

In addition to Schlager events, more and more corporate events for well-known large companies were added over time and REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS advanced in the 90s with entertainers such as Joerg Knoer to one of, if not the most successful German event agency in the field of "business entertainment" under the motto "Entertainment with concept", which is still used today.

Incidentally, one of the regular clients events "REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS Impulse" with the awarding of the "Entertainment Prize" in various categories was presented in the 1990s by Uwe Hübner, who was also very familiar with German Schlager through his presentation of the "ZDF-Hitparade".

For the planning and realization of the Augsburg Press Ball, many years of experience in the organization of events and the manifold contacts in the German Schlager and artist scene were of course very helpful, and so REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS was asked to take care of the artist program of the largest ball in Southern Germany. Whether Roland Kaiser, Howard Carpendale, Vicky Leandros, Albano & Romina Power, Rainhard Fendrich, Hazy Osterwald, Pepe Lienhard or, among many other well-known artists, the international world star Ute Lemper - they all entertained the pampered and illustrious press ball audience in eight years under the direction of REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS.

Dream Tours and German Schlager

At the end of the 90's, after the first successfully organized incentive tours, own dream tours were added and so, among others, the division Reuthers Motorcycle Tours became the market leader for worldwide dream tours on Harley-Davidson motorcycles and even a valued partner of the legendary cult motorcycle brand for their Official Guided Tours Program.

With the brand Reuthers as well as own companies in the USA and New Zealand, from then on a global orientation of all activities of Reuthers World Of Enjoyment / Reuthers Welt der Freude took place.

During this time REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS remained closely connected to the German Schlager, among others with the foundation of the music label Reuthers Records, the music publishing company Reuthers Music Publishing as well as the Reuthers Artist Management for an all-around support of Schlager stars and starlets.

Digital broadcast formats on radio and TV

In order to make the current Schlager stars even more heard, Radio Schlager Musikanten was launched at the beginning of 2020 and one year later Schlager Musikanten TV and has since enjoyed a steadily growing number of listeners and viewers of Schlager fans - after all, the audience wants to see and hear more than the usual mainstream monotony...

The Schlager Musikanten Magazine as a fair partner of the Schlagerszene

Since several online hit magazines insisted, in the especially for artists particularly difficult pandemic times, on 3- and 4-digit sums for the publication of just one press release, REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS simply founded the Schlager Musikanten Magazine. "We find it extremely unfair when artists are downright blocked in this way and news are deliberately withheld from Schlager fans," says the editorial team of the new magazine.

The Schlager Musikanten Magazin meanwhile provides daily news from the world of German Schlager. Single and album reports, stories and press releases are published here in an easy way. The special service: Artists and/or promoter can upload their Top News in the magazine by themselves and of course free of charge.

The Schlager Musikanten Magazin has just begun and will be continuously expanded in the coming months and years to become the leading medium for German Schlager, according to the long-term goal of the highly motivated editorial team - part of the Schlager Musikanten portal.

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