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"The Route is the Destination“: Reuthers convinces again in the season 2014/2015
The current catalog proves: On a Harley-Davidson, one can enjoy varied motorcycle tours in distant countries!

Coburg, October 30, 2013

With the newest edition of the catalog for motorcycle tours, Hermann Reuther and his team again impressively prove that "Cruising instead speeding" is one of the best possibilities to discover the most beautiful motorcycle routes in the world on a Harley-Davidson. The official Harley-Davidson tour operator puts dream trips into the breathtaking motorcyclist paradise New Zealand and tempts "old hands" as well as "returners" equally to also glide along the legendary Route 66 or to become acquainted with Australia and South Africa from a totally new viewpoint.

Reuthers Motorcycle Tours Catalog 2014/2015



In search of that special motor bike ride, you can literally discover paradise in the current catalog, for the Reuthers Team has made it their job to put together a special motorcycle experience for its travel enthusiasts. For in the end after the long trip to "Aotearoa", the "Land of the Long White Cloud“ should be rewarding. Therefore the 19-day "Paradise" tour of the North and South Islands of New Zealand are presented as a valuable diamond with many facets; comprehensive services and the popular "Partner Vacation Program" in which fellow travelers can experience the breathtaking route in a support vehicle to complete this dream trip.

The New Zealand Paradise Tour is also a spectacular experience that will certainly remain for a long time in your memories, e.g. the "Best of Australia Tour" including Tasmania or a trip to the Cape of Good Hope. Harley-Davidson fans will love moreover those spectacular routes, that lead through the places of interest in the regions of Europe, such as the ten-day "Alps and Lakes" tour: This motorcycle tour takes you through Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria and is especially interesting for motorcyclists that want to participate in the popular Reuthers BYOM program and travel with their own motorcycle. You will find further interesting goals in the current "Reuthers Motorcycle Tours” Italy as well as Tuscany, also grandiose excursions through Andalusia and Ireland. And also on these trips, you have the choice between so-called "Guided Tours", "Semi Guided Tours" or the "Navi Guided Tours" that were developed especially for the driver who wishes his own individual travel date.

It seems unlikely that you will only cast a single glance at the motorycle tours catalog 2014/2015, because even in this issue, there is so much to discover. It is quite practically an interactive catalog where you can head straight to the right page, once you get an overview and want to find out the details of the U.S. Southern Tour "Bluegrass Wonders“ or if you want to look at one of the many videos. The daily pdf file is also suitable to always have it on your tablet or the smart phone and to be able to dive into the desired routes on your next exceptional Harley-Davidson motorcycle trip, for example dive into the description of the Special Event Tour "Berlin - Moscow 2015".


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