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Harley-Davidson Get together in Coburg:
REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS is reviving the Schloss Callenberg Rally

Coburg, October 24, 2012

Take on the tried and tested and improve it to make it better than before, that is the motto REUTHER- ENTERTAINMENTS has chosen for 2013 when right in time for the 110th anniversary of Harley-Davidson, blubbering V-Twin motors shake the walls of the castle.

Schloss Callenberg Rally - the VIP get together for Harley-Davidson Riders



The Schloss Callenberg Rally was, as President Hermann Reuther looks back, an International Harley-Davidson get together in and around Coburg. It started for the first time in 1998 and was, until 2001, a highlight for Harley-Davidson and motorcycle friends from all over Europe: A top event that stood at that time under the patronage of His Highness, Prince Andreas of Saxon-Coburg and Gotha as well as the mayor of the city Coburg, Norbert Kastner!

Of course Coburg has more to offer its guests than an ancient castle: From here history expands into the modern times, old is combined with new, the official website of the European City (so the official title since the year 2005) makes you want to visit.

"Values and Change" this is the motto that the county Oberfranken has chosen as their mission and so you will find people and movers with a fine feeling for tradition as well as innovation. A good place therefore for Bikers, that combine traditional values such as fellowship and desire for adventure with modern and technically well engineered machines: "The Harley-Davidson get together in Coburg had a small break during the past few years, but now, in the big anniversary year, a new edition was almost unavoidable", explains Hermann Reuther, also an enthused Harley-Davidson rider.

It starts on Thursday the 30th of May 2013 with a VIP-Reception in the Rose Garden of Castle Callenberg. This was already top of the list in the time of Prince Albert and his wife the English Queen Victoria. Both lived here occasionally, and so the motorcycle friends will probably feel at home too in the splendor of the castle:

With a tour and a museum visit, the guests will become acquainted with the dreamy ambiance before they take part in the Royal Dinner in the red drawing-room and the Reuthers team gets you in the mood of a rally. At the same time you can see the wording royal literally, "for at the dinner His Highness, heir to the throne Prince Hubertus of Saxon-Coburg and Gotha and his wife will be present"!

Friday starts with a trip to the Wartburg in Thuringia and ends with a multimedia presentation that stands under the motto "Around the world on a Harley". Hermann Reuther will present his very personal dream goals and travel impressions whereby, certainly for the participants one or the other tip could be the motivation for the next large tour...

A grand start for further highlights in and around Coburg, that follow: For a "ride" on Saturday the participants are taken away into the world of castles in the Coburg country, a "Castle Run" (the official Reuthers concept), that ends with a hearty knights meal on the Veste Coburg. After all biking makes you hungry and thirsty.

However the most beautiful days and experiences come to an end. And so the Schloss Callenberg Rally ends on Sunday with a Farewell Brunch Buffet.

Of course the event can be extended, if wished, by adding an exciting arrival or departure. REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS offers an interesting additional option: Here current Harley-Davidson rental motorcycles are made available to the participants - a service especially for the international guests. From Nuremberg or Munich, a guided tour including an experienced Reuthers tour guide and roadside lunch, heads to Coburg and back again!


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