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Free as a bird:
KeaRider presents the latest trend in motorcycle tours!

Coburg, December 5, 2011

The wind in your face and many miles of asphalt under your wheels. To at least be once in your life a "Cowboy of the Road". No obligations, just a fantastic vacation ahead of you. The tour itself is seen as the goal is the journey...

KeaRider - Affordable Motorcycle Tours



This is how Hermann Reuther, also an avid Harley Rider, describes the fascination of a successful motorcycle tour. His credo: Great emotions have to play an active role, because then the tour will turn into an unforgettable experience. Therefore now and in the future REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS sets on the love for adventure of the clients: Because they can book with the new brand KeaRider only the essentials: their motorbikes and their hotel rooms and then - with a tour and route guide in their hands – go on a road trip, free as the wind. Or free as a bird, which is why the worldwide available program KeaRider is named after the daring New Zealand mountain parrot.

The Kea how could it be otherwise is an exotic bird within his order - one of few parrots, who feels comfortable even in the snow. The perfect inspiration for a program where the motto is "Back to Basics", because here the driver and his bike are in the main focus. This is what it ultimately comes down to.

Logically sightseeing and such belong to the program. But they can be booked with KeaRider, in addition completely individually, which can be quite a big advantage:

The client just pays the entry fees and any additional performance which is really worth his money, and nobody must participate in inclusively planned sightseeing tours. „Therefore motorcycle tours after the principle KeaRider, can be offered worldwide at lower prices ", explains Hermann Reuther. Whereby services and security are still a focal point. The vacation can be booked as a self-guided tour or for the less daring, also as a guided motorcycle trip including guide and escort vehicle.

But the once introduced concept continues consistently: customers can book their rental bike, maybe a fantastic Harley-Davidson, the overnight stays and receive the baggage transportation plus required additional services, such as a ferry crossing. The rest can be decided by the client himself and this gives him an overview of his costs and his budget i.e. which entry tickets he wants to buy. "A great way to see a lot and still get from A to B inexpensively", says Reuther.

The program and the website of are to be seen as an addition to the all inclusive service that REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS with their Reuthers Premium Motorcycle Tours still offer.

KeaRider Motorcycle Tours, this is the new program for the young and young at heart who want to have a motorbike tour with adventure and spontaneity and discover the world on a small budget!"


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