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Better together than alone:
Reuthers Partner Vacation Program for Harley-Davidson Tours

Coburg, November 7, 2011

Oh how we laughed about the four friends and big city cowboys, who hit the road in the film „Wild Hogs“. Hiliariously funny. Burdened with everyday frustrations and all kinds of problems. On the run from their midlife crisis, debts and their dominant other half... completely chaotic. Consequentially the bikers and wannabe heroes soon run into one problem after another.

Reuthers Partner Vacation Program



Reuthers Motorcycle Tours are completely different. Wives or girlfriends don’t have to sit alone at home completly frustrated. On the contrary, as an Authorized Harley-Davidson tour operator REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS sets a whole new trend in the sector of motorcycle tours with their "Partner Vacation Program". Forget the image of the lonely wolf and enjoy a trip with the whole family. The family can participate by driving in the comfortable escort vehicle, and watch and see up close how the everloving husband and caring dad turns into a young and wild Easy Rider.

The motto is: Better together than alone. No matter where, on the legendary Route 66, the motorcyclists paradise New Zealand or one of the many other destinations that Reuthers offers. And at the end of the vacation everybody has experienced so much that they have a lot to talk about. Maybe even about the first attempts on two wheels? Because on these trips, very relaxed and far away from everyday life some wives discover their weakness for blubbering engines and glittering chrome. They’ve also ridden a few rounds as a passenger. „All of the sudden a wife turns into a fearless Biker-Lady, and sometimes the newly discovered passion leads to a drivers license for their very own Harley” says the founder and president Hermann Reuther with a smile.


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