Special Event Tours

Special Event Tours

Make Travel Dreams come true with Reuthers

Dreams are there in order to be realized. And exactly this is Reuthers goal. As the worldwide provider of Premium Motorcycle Tours, Reuthers offers dream tours on Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Currently Reuthers has four Special Event Tours in their Round Trip Program.

Reuthers Round Trip from Berlin to Moscow

The Berlin-Moscow 2017 Tour could also be called the tour of seven countries. Starting point is Berlin. Of course, the German capital is explored, before it goes on to the Polish city Gdansk. In addition to visiting the city the Slowinski National Park and the white sanded beach are also on the sightseeing program. Next tour stop is the Russian city of Kaliningrad, which carried the name Königsberg until 1946. Particularly striking are the gates in the town: The Königstor and the Friedrichsburger Tor are worth a visit in Kaliningrad in addition to many other historically significant places.

Afterwards the participants of the Reuthers Berlin-Moscow Round Trip head for Lithuania. In the capital Vilnius Italian flair rules. The historic section of the town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Next tour stop is the Latvian capital Riga. Particularly interesting are the Art Nouveau buildings downtown. This is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With the drive to Tallinn, the participants of the Reuthers Berlin-Moscow Round Trip are now traveling to the sixth country. The capital of Estonia lies on the Baltic Sea. On a tour through the city, the history is noticeable in almost every corner. Some parts of the city wall are still preserved and also a cannon tower are reminders of the past times.

Meanwhile in St. Petersburg it gets pompous and decadent. Many of the palaces and buildings in the city have been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The former capital of the Russian Empire, is today widely known beyond its borders as a cultural center. For those who want to experience the rich history of the city, should take part in a guided tour. In this connection, the historic backgrounds of the brass rider, the Lenin-Statue and a lot of other historic landmarks of the Russian city are explained.

In Moscow, there are also many sights to see - and the choice is difficult. Worldwide known is the Kremlin. The foundations date back to the 15th century - today the splendidly fitted inside welcomes guests. In next vicinity to the Kremlin, lies also the the main square of Moscow. On the Red Square is the Lenin mausoleum. In the numerous museums in the city, the history of Moscow is illuminated - choose and walk in the footsteps of the Russian past.

With Smolensk and Minsk, two further Russian cities are on the tour plan, which present themselves with historic ruins and a long history. Palaces and cultural monuments can also be visited in Warsaw, Poland. Memorials and monuments characterize the cityscape - and are a reminder of the history of the city. But in addition to dealing with the past also modern elements such as the Warsaw Trade Tower and the Mercury City Tower shape the cityscape.

Before the participants of the Reuthers Round Trip from Berlin to Moscow near their starting point again, a visit to Poznan in Poland is on the program. After the town was fought over bitterly in the wars, it has made a name for itself today as a university city and an important transportation hub. In addition, Posen invites its visitors to two zoos.

Reuthers South Africa Round Trip for Golf Fans

Play golf at least once like Tiger Woods? Every golf fan probably dreams about this. Reuthers combines with the South Africa Round Trip Harley & Golf Tour the passion for the game of golf and the feeling of cruising on a Harley-Davidson through breathtaking South Africa. Unique! On the itinerary are the Metropolitan Golf Club in Cape Town, the Pinnacle Point Golf Resort in Mossel Bay, the Goose Valley Golf Club in Plettenberg Bay and the Reuthers Golf Final at the Stellenbosch Golf Club. The South African Open and the South African Masters took place there.

Pure South African feeling promise cruising on the trips which are predestined to be explored on a Harley-Davidson: The Chapman's Peak Drive meanders in more than 100 curves along the coast. Just as impressive are the Grootrivier Pass and the Bloukrans Pass. The riders also cruise through the South African bush and the Great Karoo. In addition the Route 62 is a firm component of the tour. It is virtually the namesake of the US Route 66 - and expects to be explored on a Harley-Davidson.

The South African double of Golf and Harley-Davidson are rounded off with the stunning South African attractions. In addition to the cities of Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Knysna and Stellenbosch the participants of the Reuthers South Africa Round Trip can lay in waiting to get the South African Big Five in front of the camera lens.

Reuthers Special Event Tour European Bike Week

The largest Harley-Davidson motorcycle event in Europe, the European Bike Week at the Faaker See, will be part of a Special Event Tour resulting from the popular Alps + Lakes Tour. The Bavarian capital Munich will be start and end of this amazing trip...

Reuthers Special Event Tours 115th Anniversary of Harley-Davidson

As soon as the dates for the celebrations of Harley-Davidson in 2018 are published, we will - like in 2013 - have several Reuthers Motorcycle Tours including and joining these events.

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