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Discover the American Dream with us!

"Born to be wild!” – with Reuthers Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Tours along the legendary Route 66 you can let your own American Dream come true and discover the United States on a Harley.

Up until the middle of the 20th century, Route 66 was the most important East-West connection in the United States. Hundreds of thousands moved west along Route 66 in search of a better life in sunny California. For the early motorcycle riders and adventurers Route 66 was the symbol for freedom on the endless highways of the American west. Even though newer and faster Interstate Highways replaced Route 66, it remained a dream and a legend.

Discover Route 66 with Reuthers Motorcycle Tours

Our Route 66 Kicks Motorcycle Tour takes you in 12 days from Chicago to Santa Monica on the Pacific coast. After arriving in Chicago, you will receive your Harley-Davidson in the morning and the adventure begins: After driving through Illinois, you will reach on the 3rd day the city of St. Louis on the banks of the Mississippi, which was once regarded as the gateway to the west. As a reminder of this stands the 190 m high Gateway Arch, most commonly known as the "McDonalds Arch“. Through the states of Missouri and Oklahoma, the journey to the Wild West continues to Amarillo and Santa Fe, where unique natural wonders such as the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert can be seen. Of course a visit to the Grand Canyon is a must as well as a stop in the Mojave Desert at the Calico Ghost Town. After a final ride along Route 66, you will reach Santa Monica and the deep blue Pacific Ocean, where you can spend a few days.

Do you want to experience even more? Then book our 15-day Route 66 Dream Motorcycle Tour, which also includes an additional day in Santa Fe, a detour to the glittering city of Las Vegas and one night in Chinle, in the Navajo Indian reservation, here you can learn about their old traditions.

...get your kicks on Route 66 - with Reuthers always from east to west = the historical direction!

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