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Special Event Tour
Berlin - Moscow 2017

Berlin - Moscow


The Route:

arrow down Day 1: Berlin (D)

Berlin, Brandenburger Tor

Welcome to Berlin, the German capital! Per transfer or individual arrival, you head for your hotel which is located near the center. Before we get together for our Welcome Drink and Dinner and get ready for our motorcycle tour, we will head for the historic Brandenburger Tor for a group photo.

arrow down Day 2: Berlin (D) > Gdansk (PL)

Slowinski National Park, Poland

After a hearty breakfast early in the morning we head straight to Gdansk and the Baltic Sea, where we take a trip to the Slowinski National Park and the "Polish Sahara" with its white sand beach and the large dunes. The start of our Special Event Tour is also coinciding with the Russian national holiday.

arrow down Day 3: Gdansk (PL) > Kaliningrad (RUS)

Gdansk / Danzig

In the morning, we will take a tour of the town of Gdansk and cross the border to Russia in the afternoon. We will spend the night in the city formally known as Königsberg now Kaliningrad.

arrow down Day 4: Kaliningrad (RUS)


On the agenda for Kaliningrad is the tour of the famous cathedral, the symbol of the city. In the old days the Prussian kings were crowned here! And in the amber museum, we learn more about the development of amber out of the resin of conifers.

arrow down Day 5: Kaliningrad (RUS) > Vilnius (LT)


Our motorcycle tour leads us into the capital of Lithuania, to Vilnius. From the 16th century, Italian master builders created here numerous baroque buildings and so the old town of Vilnius is today among the largest in Eastern Europe and was declared by the UNESCO as a world cultural heritage. With it’s over 50 churches Vilnius carries also the surname "Rome of the East".

arrow down Day 6: Vilnius (LT) > Riga (LV)


From Vilnius we cruise on towards the north to Latvia, the capital Riga.

arrow down Day 7: Riga (LV)


The old Hanseatic city and largest city of the Baltic States is famous for its art nouveau buildings and its well preserved old town. Reason enough to put in on our trip a relaxing day to your own free disposal.

arrow down Day 8: Riga (LV) > Tallinn (EST)


Today we drive to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. It lies on the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea. Sights are i.e. the remnants of the medieval castle constructed in the 14th century, the castle built by the Russian czar Katharina II and the Russian orthodox Alexander-Newski-Cathedral with its visible onion domes.

arrow down Day 9: Tallinn (EST) > St. Petersburg (RUS)

Newskj Prospect, St. Petersburg

A further highlight on our adventure trip is quite surely the visit to St. Petersburg, the second largest city of Russia after Moscow and the fourth largest city of Europe. Due to the location during the summer solstice at night it stays quite light.

arrow down Day 10: St. Petersburg (RUS)


We will take an extensive sightseeing tour of the former capital of the Russian Empire and briefly named city Leningrad. St. Petersburg is a culture center important throughout Europe with famous sightseeings like the Peterhof, the Amber Room in Catherine Palace, the Church of the Savour and the main avenue Newskj Prospect. The historic inner city is a world cultural heritage of the UNESCO and is exceeded in this regard worldwide only of Venice.

arrow down Day 11: St. Petersburg (RUS) > Vyshniy Volochek (RUS)

Wyschni Wolotschok

A sheer endless expanse awaits us and so our overnight stay is half way from St. Petersburg to Moscow, in Vyshniy Volochek. Here we get to know a very simple and rustic sleeping quarters.

arrow down Day 12: Vyshniy Volochek (RUS) > Moscow (RUS)

I love Moscow

Finally - we reach the absolute highlight of our trip: Moscow, the capital of the Russian Federation with its approximately 12 million inhabitants. For the next three nights, we spend the night in the political, economic and cultural center of the country.

arrow down Day 13: Moscow (RUS)

St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow

A full day program awaits our travel group. Planned is a City Sightseeing Tour with the highlights Metro Station, Bolshoi Theatre, Red Square, Kremlin, Saint Basil's Cathedral, Nikolskaya Street, KGB Headquarters, GUM department store and others. As an option, there is a visit at the Harley-Davidson dealership in Moscow and - if possible - in the evening a performance at the world-famous Bolshoi Theatre.

arrow down Day 14: Moscow (RUS)

Metro Station, Moscow

Today is at your own disposal. During the day the Metro (underground train) is usually the fastest option to many places within easy reach.

arrow down Day 15: Moscow (RUS) > Smolensk (RUS)

Smolensk, Russia

Even if we head back on our return journey westwards to Berlin, so awaits us some more great highlights such as our destination, the town lying near the border of Belarus, Smolensk. Smolensk was mentioned in 863 the first time as a city in a document. It's location in the Kievan Rus running along the Dnieper trade route brought it early to the rank of a trade town.

arrow down Day 16: Smolensk (RUS) > Minsk (BLR)


We cross the boundary to Belarus and stopover in Minsk, the capital and at the same time the largest city of Belarus. Well worth seeing in Minsk are mainly the Old Town, formerly known as "uptown" to the Orthodox Holy Spirit Cathedral, the old monastery of the Bernadine Sisters from 1628 and the Town Hall rebuilt after original historic plans.

arrow down Day 17: Minsk (BLR) > Warsaw (PL)


The longest day on our tour leads us over endless stretches with border crossing to Poland into the capital Warsaw.

arrow down Day 18: Warsaw (PL)

Polin Museum, Warsaw

An organized tour of the town brings us closer to Warsaw with its numerous palaces, the old town and the unique culture monuments. Very impressive are the world class Polin Museum, which ‪‎shows the history of Polish jews as well as the former Warsaw Ghetto with a still standing historical wall.

arrow down Day 19: Warsaw (PL) > Poznan (PL)

Poznan / Posen

Today we cruise to the western part of Poland, on the Warthe River, the historic University City Poznan (formerly Posen). The city belongs to the cultural focal points of Poland.

arrow down Day 20: Poznan (PL) > Berlin (D)


On our last day on the road we head directly to Berlin. During the traditional Farewell Dinner in the evening we will look back and reminisce about our common motorcycle adventure...

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