Teddy Herz releases the hymn "Go Teddy Go!"

Teddy Herz releases the hymn "Go Teddy Go!"

RWE | 3 May 2024

On Friday 3 May 2024, singer and entertainer Teddy Herz will release his latest single "Go Teddy Go!" in true style, authentic and, as always, full of verve, taking his ever-growing fan base on a trip around the world: The music video will feature highlights from Teddy's worldwide travels...

The hymn "Go Teddy Go!", which encourages people to join in and sing along, will also be the theme tune for a new series on Schlager Musikanten TV, in which everything revolves around travelling - personally presented by Teddy Herz. More on this soon...

New Zealand Anniversary Tour in March 2025

Teddy Herz has been performing German Schlager since the 80s and has also entertained Harley-Davidson and Photo Enthusiasts for many years with his worldwide dream tours. He travelled to all continents and came into contact with many people and cultures. One country in particular appealed to him - according to Teddy Herz, "Paradise New Zealand". New Zealand has also become Teddy's second home and so he would like to show the "paradise on earth" in person to keen travellers and Schlager fans as part of an anniversary tour in March 2025...

Music video premiere on Schlager Musikanten TV

The "Go Teddy Go!" music video will premiere in a "StarFlash Teddy Herz" programme, an artist portrait with 10 questions and 10 answers. The exclusive broadcast date on Schlager Musikanten TV is yet to be announced, the programme can then be seen in the media library and regularly as a repeat in the TV programme.

Like all previous songs of Teddy Herz, "Go Teddy Go!" will be released on the music label Reuthers Records, which specialises in German Schlager. The single will be available from Friday 3 May 2024 at all download stores and streaming services - like the current album "Welche Farbe hat die Welt" (Which color is the world) and the family album "Weihnachten mit Teddy Herz" (Christmas with Teddy Herz) - both albums are also available on CD directly from the Reuthers online shop.

Information about the > New Zealand trip

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